Melbourne pole dancers?

Dec 9, 2016
My job is offering me to work in Melbourne until February 2017. It would be awesome, but i would also be pretty much alone when im there. So, does anyone here live close? Mostly in thinking about taking the job, so i can learn more pole in Australia. :D In Norway im only teaching at the moment, but its always so fun to be a student again!
So let me know if anyone wants a polebuddy ;)
dustbunny Previous Paid MemberIf I had a chance to live and train in Australia without losing my job, I wouldn't look back. Lol! It's Mecca for poledancers!
Dec 9, 2016
Ingrid:D it is absolutely exiting. But still waiting to to get some more info about The work :P
Dec 9, 2016
sexycat Previous Paid Memberdepending on what part of Melbourne there are plenty of great studios there. Im from Queensland but often visit Melbourne to see my family. I can recommend Pole Divas, Blackbird Studios and Physipole Studios.
Dec 11, 2016
eatvegancookies Paid Member
Wow, this is awesome! I have a stationary pole and I was feeling my way with what's out there on YouTube. Luckily I came across an SV vid, and signed up for a year of SV the next day!
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