Let's write something positive!

Sep 18, 2016
I know things in my life have been a little... weird, lately. Not knowing what my future will look like is stressful, and dealing with ignorant health professionals is dumb and annoying.
However, there are a lot of good things in my life that I feel I've not given appropriate representation to, so... Here we are, doing a positive blog post!
First off, of course, is my pole dancing! Volunteering at the studio has been one of the best decisions of my life, I think, as it gives me access to all the classes I could want, and lets me still feel like I'm making a contribution. I have a schedule of things that I can choose, and the freedom to say "No" when I feel sick, injured, or anxious.
I have honestly not seen strength gains in myself like this for ages, and it makes me feel awesome! My climbs are getting better, my arms, back, and core are all so much stronger than they ever used to be. I'm far more confident, too, with my physical abilities. I love the exotic dance class on Mondays, because they give me a vast arsenal of small, transition moves that are sexy, fun, and things I can practice at home! I take conditioning classes twice a week, and they are HARD! But, they are also so rewarding. I notice that I have been thriving on the difficulty, and as I see myself succeed more and more, I come back for yet more "punishment" at the studio ;)
This, of course, brings about other changes in my life. I'm eating better, and I'm eating MORE, which is a big deal to me. I just shut down when I'm not active, and one of those things that stops happening is that I stop eating. I'll live on barely two meals a day when I'm not doing anything. Frustrating!
I still eat a lot of chocolate... I've realized it's partly a 'self medicating' habit, which I am trying to wean myself down from.

In other news, I got two new pets last week or so! Two weeks? Hard to say- I have such a messed up understanding of time right now. Anyways, they're about six weeks old now- my sweet baby ratties! One of them is very outgoing, and came to trust me quite quickly. The other is very shy, and has some blindness issues, but she's certainly getting better on the trust. I love hanging out with them, and I'm excited to have them out of the cage to play and learn tricks, once they both trust me! They are both female, so that means lots of energy and less cuddling... but I love them to bits!!

The weather is getting cooler, which means I am going to start running again soon. I'd love to go out tomorrow, but we'll have to see. Depends on the weather! It's still a bit too hot when the sun is out, but once those clouds roll in... I'm going to be happy!

I've also completed a big challenge recently- perhaps not so impressive to others, but it was difficult for me. I wrote a journal entry every day for a year! I'm very proud of myself, and pleased to say that I feel satisfied with the work and effort I put into it. I learned a lot from it, I think!

Anyways... I'm feeling a bit tired so I'm going to go lay down a bit. But, I'm generally happy with life these days :) I felt I needed to say something about it.
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Sep 20, 2016
Samantha B
Thank you thank you! Foam roller + your stretches and I got my middle splits!!! Even as a little girl I could never do them but now I got em!!!
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