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Mar 22, 2017
Hi ladies,

If you happen to follow some of my comments or previous posts, you may remember that I consider myself a slow learner, that my interest in tricks is limited (I prefer exotic flow) and that I didn’t feel 100% comfortable learning at an in-person studio, where the main focus was tricks and I was a pushed a little to do moves I didn’t feel quite ready to tackle. The studio was good, but maybe not the best for me and my personal interests. One of the things I was pushed to do was the Butterfly and the Extended Butterfly without having a solid Butterfly. It felt awful and unsafe. Apologies if I sound like a broken record, I know I’ve written about this several times. But I think I need to framework the point of this post.

Now I pole much more at home and do things at my own pace. I followed Veena’s 30 day Caterpillar Program, improved my technique and I guess the trust in my abilities, and finally I am able to do my Butterfly confidently. Not only that, but also the Extended Butterfly. I even felt up to try Ayesha and had a go to the forearm grip version. I did it. A little wobbly but I did it. Why? Because I felt ready. My body and mind were ready for the move, I wanted to learn the move, instead of being told to learn it because it was the “next step”, it was “today’s trick” or I looked strong enough.

I think that in pole all boils down to that, feeling ready for a move. No matter that your instructor thinks you that you can do something, if you don’t feel quite ready, you are going to struggle, it’s going to be super scary and it’s not going to feel right. Some people are faster or braver, others like me err on the side of caution. We don’t progress at the same pace. I think that younger ladies with a background in gymnastics progress the fastest.

I hope my experience can help other pole dancers with the same type of struggles. Work on the steps, build a solid foundation and you’ll know when you are ready for the next pole move. Enjoy the journey!!
VeenaGreat post! That's the interesting thing about pole, it challenges you mentally too!
Mar 23, 2017
CherishedI can totally relate to this. I remember learning the reverse grab and my instructor telling me to trust myself and basically to go all in. I wasn't there yet, but didn't have the experience to know that. Now I can feel such a clear difference between when I'm ready to do something and when I still need to work on my conditioning before going forward. Your tips are spot on.
Mar 25, 2017
I am so glad I found Studio Veena! It's like having an amazing instructor right here with you at home at all times, I absolutely love the way she explains things and her videos are so clear it's easy to see what I'm supposed to be doing. Thank you Veena!!
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