Day 1 of my flexibility

mystical Paid Member
Jan 3, 2017
I am working on my flexibility for 100 days, i am excited to see how far i will come. I will be working on front splits and back mobility. I will post updates every 2 weeks.

I will submit before photo's once i figure out how to do that.
Runemist34Yes girl! We're gonna do this thing!!
Jan 4, 2017
mystical Paid MemberWere going to rock it, like rock star's 😊😊
Jan 4, 2017
Lee leeGood luck with your flexy gain Some!
Jan 4, 2017
Lee lee*gains not some :)
Jan 4, 2017
mystical Paid MemberThank you lee lee
Jan 4, 2017
Phoenix Hunter Paid Member
Veena I have been doing this challenge and my inverts have improved astronomically! thank you. my inverts were very weak and sometimes would not be able to invert at all. this has helped so much.
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