Day 1 of my flexibility

mystical Previous Paid Member
Jan 3, 2017
I am working on my flexibility for 100 days, i am excited to see how far i will come. I will be working on front splits and back mobility. I will post updates every 2 weeks.

I will submit before photo's once i figure out how to do that.
Runemist34Yes girl! We're gonna do this thing!!
Jan 4, 2017
mystical Previous Paid MemberWere going to rock it, like rock star's 😊😊
Jan 4, 2017
Lee leeGood luck with your flexy gain Some!
Jan 4, 2017
Lee lee*gains not some :)
Jan 4, 2017
mystical Previous Paid MemberThank you lee lee
Jan 4, 2017
I LOVE what you have been doing with the site. Keep up the great work- I don't think anyone would EVER be able to manage and produce tutorials on this site as well as you do.
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