Jul 16, 2016
Let me tell you, trying to go Paleo and have some semblance of the food I used to eat has been rough. Now, I think (or thought until recently) that I am a pretty good cook. I may have to reevaluate that thought. Cutting wheat out of my diet means no bread so I thought, "OK it is time to experiment and figure this out" But I like baked goods. I love cookies and pie and cake. I adore cream horns and donuts. I know these things are gone for now...who am I kidding? They are gone forever. (Thanks for that memo Mom!!) But, I thought I could deal, I mean there are other sweeteners.
So, I thought banana bread was a pretty easy thing. I mean, I make an awesome "normal" banana bread. So, I gathered my ingredients and went to work. Everything was mixed and looked good and in the oven it went. Toothpick came out clean, bread is done. Well, that is what I thought. The inside was still yucky. Arrgh!! I really would have liked some banana bread. OK, that goes in the trash and we go back to the drawing board. Next up is a pumpkin cake type thing. Looks good, cooked until it was done. Frosting made...cake is less than stellar. Edible, but barely. Into the trash it goes. That is strike 2.
Next, since I had pumpkin left I thought pumpkin pancakes would be good. Should be easy, I make these all the time. All I did was substitute coconut flour for the regular flour...DO NOT do that whatever you do. I ended up with this thick mess. I made the pancakes but it was quite a trial. We will call that one a win, they are edible at least. :)
Trying to make foods that resemble food I can't eat anymore has been a trial. I need to go back to the drawing board. At least it is funny, and my family won't eat it anyway so I am only torturing myself! :)
I guess laughing at ourselves is really good therapy. If that is true, I should be good for awhile! I think I am going to try again this weekend. Maybe I should try something easier. I don't know. It will be an adventure at least!
On a side note, at least this seems to be working. It has been 14 days and I have not cheated and I have not committed homicide. :) I call that a big win!
I can eat dark chocolate. Maybe I will just buy bags and bags of that and call it good...NAHHHHH. But I will keep some on hand for emergencies!
PenelopeAnn Paid MemberThanks Gena, you gave me such a giggle! The struggle is real ;-D
Jul 21, 2016
Thank you again for another WONDERFUL, detailed lesson, Veena.
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