Back to pole!

Aug 19, 2016
Weeee I'm sore and it's the second time this week!

Yeah, so, I signed up for this burlesque-oriented workshop- I thought it would be a great way to get started back with dancing. It's with my favourite burlesque dancer, Lola Frost.
I ended up chatting with the studio owner (also a friend of mine) for a bit, and got into the class area a little bit after pretty much everyone else. Because of various reasons I'm sure you've already witnessed, everyone was at the back of the room. When encouraged to spread out, they literally made a square around the room. This meant the only space open for me was right in the middle- right behind one of the women I think is the most amazing, hot, and beautiful people in the world.
So, that was slightly distracting.
The class was awesome! It was technically two classes, one for chair, and one for floorwork. I did both, which equates to three hours of dancing my ass off, including a bit of warm up and conditioning.
By the time we finished, I had reached my "second wind," but could clearly tell that my body was quite done with this! I got home late, had a good dinner, and went to bed.
By the time I got up, I was sore. So, so sore. Moving was a great chore the whole day through!
Still, I went for a 3k walk to the studio again... this time, to discuss my volunteering and helping out the owner, in exchange for a lesson or two.
Little did I know that my occasional offering of work would mean I had access to ALL classes, anytime! My first "shift" basically turned into a conditioning class, about 20 minutes of data entry, watching my friend and two other people (one of whom is a body builder and looks frigging amazing) do advanced pole tricks, and then some free pole time with a bunch of other people.
I kicked my butt on the free pole. Learned some fun new stuff, my friend determined where she would place me in terms of her class levels, and we just had fun.

It was great getting back on the pole and seeing where my skills are still, and where I could learn to improve. I loved climbing and doing a CKR again, I loved spinning and realizing I've still got them. I really haven't lost much (granted, I didn't have much to begin with) and with a bit of time, I'll be back up to speed and probably well past it, too!

I'll be taking her "Level 2" class in September, not far away. I'm happy to be working with actual people who are really there, next to me, and being able to watch someone close up, and ask questions in real time. It's great to have people around me who share my passion. I think I've been missing this, and it's so great to have it!
I think, no matter what happens, I'll be sticking with this little "volunteering" option. I would love to do classes, but even just some free pole time out there did so much for me.
I even feel more motivated to work on things at home!

Exercise, more than anything else in my life, has a huge effect on my mental health and my overall well-being. It makes me crave good food, instead of the junk I eat when I'm just sitting around. It helps me feel good, and accomplished. I find pride in it. I can push myself and work hard, and feel the real effects of my work soon after. I can turn that chattery, anxious mind away and do something that connects me to the real, the here and now, rather than the "what if."

I have also been writing. It's a bit of a struggle, I'm less connected to my story and it's characters right now than I was when I was more active with it... but I am getting back to it. I'm happy about that, too!
Neesy118 Paid MemberThis is all great stuff! I'm so happy for you! Hope you can maintain this healthy positive streakā™”
Aug 20, 2016
mystical Previous Paid Memberhope everything is going well, sounds like you have great opportunity.
Sep 13, 2016
Your workouts are so respectful to the body.
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