Webmaster On The Pole

Apr 25, 2014
I believe most of you know that I am lucky enough to be married to the most amazing, well-known pole dance instructor in the world, Veena. Despite that fact, I have kept a professional distance from the pole. In the six years that I’ve helped Veena operate StudioVeena.Com and the time before that when we had any number of poles in our house, I never once touched a pole for any reason other than to help set it up. This week that all changed. I have asked Veena to train me and have thus far completed three pole based workouts.

The initial impetus behind learning to use the pole to workout was simply that I would lose access to a gym during our upcoming national tour and needed an alternative. It seemed the logical choice was to use the pole to workout since we will not only be carrying a stage with us but also be visiting many studios along the way.

After three workouts I find the pole and my wife’s training to be phenomenal. I am seeing definition and feeling muscles that weight training has never brought out. Today I have even performed my first pole move, a pole sit. It’s simple, it hurt my balls, and most of you would probably laugh at my execution but I did it.

What I realize about pole is that its totally unlike other types of training. In the gym you add more weight to the bar or more time to the track and nothing changes fundamentally other than the fact that your workouts take longer. With pole I realize that each increase in strength or flexibility will bring me a new move to work on. My workout can change from day to day, it can grow and evolve.

This will be a year long experiment for me. I’m excited and I’ll be sure to keep you all up to speed.

Runemist34Wonderful, as always, reading your writing webby- you're very eloquent :) I'm happy to hear you're enjoying a new workout, and that you're pleased!
Everyone's first pole sits don't look great ;) haha, you'll probably be one of our star polers right next to Veena one day!
Apr 25, 2014
SaphyreWhat a great blog!! It will be fun to hear how you progress. Dennis and I got a nice chuckle at your expense!!
Apr 25, 2014
Stefana of LightWow! This is awesome:)
Apr 25, 2014
Phoenix Hunter Previous Paid MemberHaha! That's funny! Yes , it is definitely a physical challenge that brings rewards in the form of pole moves/tricks. You will never outgrow a pole.
Apr 25, 2014
azblancoamazing! so glad you see what all the fuss is about ;) i'm sure you a natural, just like your beautiful wife
Apr 25, 2014
missyskinnerOmg! Amazing good for you!! Can't wait
Apr 26, 2014
CherryPop4uAwesome! You give me hope & motivation! Thanks! I look forward to watching your journey! Meanwhile take care!
Apr 26, 2014
AnziaLooking forward to your updates! I agree completely about the variety and progression in poling. It's holding my interest, when I get bored easily of other things in life that are more routine. Here's to continued interest and progress for us both!
Apr 26, 2014
ShonaLancsI hope you post some progress videos Webby, I always enjoy watching blokes pole. Good luck on your journey! I am trying to convince my fella to try silks/ pole but he isn't remotely interested :(
Apr 26, 2014
Aquarian AirYou are awesome!!!!
Apr 26, 2014
newspirit36 Paid MemberWebbie...you sir, are smart.
Apr 27, 2014
Life Coach ForeverLook forward to seeing a video posted of you one day!
Apr 29, 2014
portableninjaCongrats and enjoy! A pole is a really useful piece of equipment for any kind of body weight training. I especially like conditioning moves that use the pole. My husband can do a flag and a few basic split grip moves. But I remember when I talked him through executing his first and only pole sit... all he had to say was "ow! I'm never doing that again!"
Apr 30, 2014
PlatinumAniI SO love this. Veena will probably wearing the "told ya so" smirk for the entire year. Welcome to the *other side**
Apr 30, 2014
senrysaThis is awesome news!!! Once you start you will be addicted like us.
I am 2 months into the 6 months i have to wait post surgery after hip and femur pin removal til I get ok to start again.
I shattered that hip 3 years ago now and I still can't wait to feel the pole in my hands again.
Verna is the best teacher ever if she could teach this oldie. Lol
Pole on!!!
May 1, 2014
JoleneBellGreat news! Looking forward to hearing about your experiences :)
May 8, 2014
BonnieAndClydeI have a feeling with your private instructor you will kick ass and take names!Sweet!
May 8, 2014
Life Coach ForeverKeep up the good work! You are an inspiration to me!!
May 8, 2014
PoledancefanThat's great news, Webbie!!

Joel Lessing
Forest Park, Illinois
May 9, 2014
May 19, 2014
s3r3nkk3 Paid MemberWowowow you are a lucky man and you know it! Please post a video of your training soon, I am sure that with Veena's guidance you will do very quick progress. Happy poling :o)
May 19, 2014
Veena, you've saved me money and quite a bit of agonizing of how to jump start my poling!! I've been in a pole rut for a couple years and now I'm back in the game!! I can't wait to start these! How I've missed it! Thank you SO much!
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