Finally a Break

Bob Zamora
Feb 2, 2014
I'm finally past the hump. I have been dancing non-stop ever since I got home from Midwest. Work has been insane. I'm in Atlanta, Georgia at the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting. I just got in this afternoon after a month of pure hell that include choreographing a solo and a partnered dance for a pole show in Colorado. At the same time I was putting together the scientific research that I'm going to present this week her in Atlanta.

The worst is over and I have some time to blog. I have a lot I want to share this week and I finally have the time. I just posted one of the dances I mentioned earlier. We didn't make it into the show but wow what a joy to be able to dance with someone as talented as my friend.

VeenaThanks for the update!
Feb 3, 2014
I'm so excited to have Veena in my computer..I took a class but the teacher wasn't that great. I bought a pole put it up in my living room and Veena on my computer and it's been amazing. I can feel her kindness and her knowledge. thank u
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