100 Days of flexibility: Day 21ish (and some other stuff!)

Jan 23, 2017
Right, so... this week has actually been really rough for me! Especially the weekend. I kept telling myself I'd get back on the horse, but honestly, with stress levels so high, it was kind of not on.
So, sadly I do not have any pictures again for you... but I do actually have some other news!
At the end of last week, I received word that, sadly, my volunteer work with the pole studio in town has come to an end. She no longer has anything else for me to do! And, while this is sad for me, I am happy that the studio is automated well, and it's moving forward. I'm glad my friend isn't so overwhelmed anymore! However, this means I cannot have a free membership to the studio... and I had to make a choice.
Yoga, or Pole? Or Neither?
Not exactly my favourite thing, making choices like that. For me, things like this take on so much weight, because I can see and sense the expanse of life being changed, diverging from this particular moment. This choice could shift my life! But, I had to make the choice as best I could.
Thus, I am going to be paying for yoga classes. I'll just take a couple per week, but my hope is to really pick up my yoga practice. I want to learn more! I want to take more on! Yoga has been really put to the wayside for quite a while, as my pole dance and running have taken over and left me sore and weak most days. I simply couldn't commit to the practice the way I wanted to... and I've been lamenting that for most of the start of this year. So, I decided that now is a great time to shift my focus, and see where it takes me!

I keep reminding myself that I can always change my mind!!

Of course, my pole dancing is not going to be completely put to the side. No way am I giving up all the progress I've made! So, since the studio doesn't charge for Open Pole time, I'll be going to that quite regularly. I'll also be working out at home! Sadly my pole is crammed into my bedroom still, and I won't have enough room for things like spins, but I have a LOT of other stuff to work on! I have lots of strength training I can do, as well!

And, finally, I had a very interesting and uncomfortable weekend doing Pole Foundations Instructor training, with the lovely Tammy Morris! Uncomfortable, because I had to take a 2 hour bus, sleep in a hostel with a bed so hard I may as well be sleeping on the floor, and all I really had to eat most of the weekend was Starbucks. Bleh! I felt so gross, crunchy, and sore! However, the workshop was AWESOME and I am so happy to have met Tammy! We made her do all kinds of stripper tricks, too. I loved that the group was all supportive and interested in that stuff, because for me, I think that's part of what makes pole dance interesting! I'm super impressed by how she's stripped all of that out for her classes, too. It's amazing that she could see the core of the moves.
Learning in that class was intense and long. I discovered that I have NEVER learned to engage my "core" properly, and that my shoulder engagement can certainly use work. I also was privileged enough to have her look at my invert! That is definitely a thing I'll be working on at home, too.

So, look forward to more flexibility in the coming weeks, because boy am I gonna hit it hard from now on! I've got lots of time to myself, and lots of things I want to get done. Flexibility is definitely one of those big things!
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