100 Days of Flexibility: Day 85, Injury

Mar 26, 2017
Yeah so, progress has all been halted... because my back is no longer happy with life.
It started on Monday, in which I has left shoulder issues, and quite a bit of back pain nearby the shoulder. As the day progressed, it seemed to get worse, and I looked forward to yoga.
Yoga came, and my instructor (whom I am now convinced is superhuman, and someone I aspire to be more like) pointed out that the problem actually is all the way from my lower back, all the way up to my neck. Literally, my entire spine wasn't right. She banned me from backbends (I was a bit sad- I like backbends!) and we moved forward. My downward dog needed to be adjusted pretty bad, too, as my left trap kept trying to "protect" my neck and back by tensing up really hard, and if I tried to release it, my head would move away. Alignment was difficult, all the time, and any twists or side-specific poses, I could tell the left just wasn't the same.
Tuesday I had a run, and while I'm happy that I tried it, I'm not sure my back was too happy. By the end of the day, I was in intense pain, and took some painkillers, and made an appointment with a doctor.
I should say that I previously had complained to my normal doctor of neck pain, and all he had to offer was "Yeah, that's because of muscle tension." He had nothing to offer past that.
New/Other doctor checked things out, and said I was SUPER tight, especially in the lower back, and likely I'm having impingement issues with my shoulders, related to my spine. She offered injections to help my muscles relax... but I have a phobia of needles, so I figured I'd just deal. I have made an appointment with a physiotherapist, even though it's pretty expensive... but, I can't live like this!

So, basically, any kind of flexibility training, or any training at all, has been forcibly halted. My back is so tight that even stretching my legs is practically impossible, because I can barely bend forward.
I hate being in pain so much. I hate having to stop doing what I consider to be "therapy" for myself because of that pain. I hate feeling like I'm going to die when I do the dishes.

BUT, it's given me time to think. I miss pole dancing a lot, and I realized that MOST people only have one class per week anyways. If I go off to the Open studio time, I can give myself a class perfectly well. I know what I'm doing for the foreseeable future!
Also, I've decided I want to do a lot more yoga. It's an amazing challenge, and not only will it make me stronger, tougher, more flexible, and more body-aware, it will help my body balance out and my mind stay calm. I think it's a great challenge for me, and I'm going to be branching out from my usual Youtube yoga personality (Yoga with Adrienne, if you're interested!) and trying some other stuff. I want to learn more about yoga, I want to learn different ways of creating flow, and I want to expand my practice!

I know that I take on a lot, physically, but the challenge of running, lifting weights, yoga, and pole dancing, all helps my mind stay sane and keep me focused. Each one is delightful in it's own way, and frankly, I know my limits. The only limit to me right now is time! And I'm getting better with it.
woohoo! I just inverted on the first try into open v legs! your tutorials are GREAT TY TY TY!!!!
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