100 Days of Flexibility: Day 78 or so

Mar 20, 2017
You ever realize your body is asking you to do MORE than what you're doing already? No? Must just be me then.
This morning I discovered, quite rudely, that my left shoulder is now having the same issues that my right shoulder has. I'm beginning to question my unofficial diagnosis- not that I think my friend is wrong, I mean she came the closest to actually having me out of pain, and she discovered a HUGE amount of things for me to work on that I didn't know anything about, and it's been awesome since I worked on them. BUT, reading up a little bit more on the A/C level 1 separation, I'm finding that some of my problems are different. Such as, if your arm can move in a full circle front to back, most people have problems in the "overhead" parts of that circle... and for me, it's all the opposite! And, people are supposed to not feel symptoms after a while (4-12 weeks) and I've been struggling for over a year on the right shoulder, and pretty recently on the left.
Good thing I'm already fairly well-versed on the right shoulder, I can just use what I've learned for the left.
Also, my spine in my neck is totally upset today. I have muscle tension issues, especially in the neck and upper back, and they're becoming so bad that they are changing the shape of my spine. In my neck, just above the part where it turns into shoulder and upper back, it tweaks toward the left and screws me up for neck movement. It's pretty uncomfortable.
You know what helps both of these issue? Yoga. Daily yoga.
Soooo... yes, today I am sore and in pain, lazy and I just don't want to have the left, upper side of my body right now. But, I'm stuck with it. I have yoga tonight (two classes) and though they are hard, I should see a great improvement in these problems by the time I'm done.
It's just... I KNOW that daily yoga, though maybe I don't go as hard as I do in class, will both help me to feel good, help my muscles recover and get stronger at the same time, and help my spine stay where it should... and half the time I can't even find time to get all my writing (or any writing) done in my day. Sometimes I don't have time to do fun things like play video games. Most of the time, I'm either running or going to the gym, since I can't pole. HOW am I supposed to get yoga in??

I always find a way, though...

ANYWAYS, flexibility! I have been working, as I said before, on my front splits. They are going surprisingly well! I really worked on them on Friday, which was also Leg Day. I kicked my ass (almost literally) in the gym for strength training, so the flexibility worked really well. I'm so much closer to my middle splits than I used to be! My hamstrings are much, much more flexible than they used to be. I'm very pleased! These seemed so far away for so long, and I'm learning how my body works to get closer to my flexibility goals.

I guess... I feel like I fell off the wagon really hard, I struggled a lot, and missing so much time when time is limited for something like this (100 days) feels like I've failed already. I've had so many health problems, depression issues, and just generally trying to find my way in my strange writing life, that I missed a lot of time. It just ended up not being as much of a priority as I wanted it to be, despite my best efforts.

But, really, that's life. Sometimes you fail. I learned a lot during this time, journalling what is going on with my body and my fitness each week has been such an interesting look into a part of my life I used to ignore so much. I could wish that I was more diligent with it, or that I had a lot more time to give to it. I could wish that I was built differently (in so many ways) so that my flexibility goals were more attainable, and that my body responded to them better.
But really, I am me and that's okay. I HAVE seen improvement over this time, and what I've learned so far has been awesome, and will help me as I move forward.
I have some more time left before this thing is done- a couple more weeks! And, I have some challenges to get on to. I will find a time to do my yoga ;) I will also be keeping on my flexibility after this challenge, too!
Watching your videos not only makes me fall deeper inlove with pole they also makes me want to be the healthiest strongest woman I can be.
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