100 Days of Flexibility: Day 71ish

Mar 16, 2017
Yeeeahhh, so, Migraines: Literally the only thing in life that makes me say "Where did the time go?"
Recently I've been having what I like to call "Cluster bomb migraines," in which I don't just have one like, for a day, sleep it off and then get back to things. Oh no! I have to have one, and then a day and a half later, another one, and then another day later, a third. It's really hard to keep track of what's going on! When I have a migraine, time seems to twist around them, and I never know what day it is when I come out the other side.
Anyways, that said, it's been a rough week. I'm having a hard time getting back to running, and a hard time making sure I get all my stretching done. I am still working on, it, though!
My hamstring flexibility continues to amaze me, and I'm super happy with it. I'm also getting back to working with my front splits, which is going well. Pigeon pose is super hard for me, because stretching those glutes is SO intense! But, I'm seeing progress. If I'm really warm and doing well, I can just about touch the ground with that glute! It's impressive to me ;)
I'm also trying to stretch my quads... especially now that I'm learning how to do a "proper" squat. Turns out, for most of my life, I've not been sitting down the same as anyone else, so when people describe squats as "like sitting down," I do it my way, and it's kinda wrong! I lean my torso way forward and down, thus keeping my quads out of the picture as much as possible, and the pressure off my knees. Squatting with my torso upright, like I should? Hella hard, guys! I can barely balance, and it makes me super sore!! But it's good, I'm learning.
I'm so nervous to do body weight exercises at the gym, though. I guess I feel like people will judge my "weakness" or something. That is literally all in my head!

Anyways, it's going well, but perhaps not as well as I imagined it would by this point. I think I need to take a little step back, and evaluate what my barriers are to doing this challenge the way I wanted to. Maybe I'll start it up again soon, and we'll see how that goes!
I'm glad you added the last Pole Hold lesson at the end, really help me understand the grip and scapula positioning better than I did before. Thnk you! :-)
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