100 Days of Flexibility: Day 64ish?

Mar 6, 2017
Hey everyone!
So, it's been a very interesting week, full of soreness and interesting lessons.
Starting with Monday, I had TWO yoga classes, in a row. The first was Ashtanga yoga, which appears to be more my "speed," but my instructor does NOT pull her punches!! So, so many chaturangas. I can't even do a pushup guys! I was literally dripping sweat. This is a problem that's been going on for a little while, I seem to sweat a lot more now when I exercise. I need a good workout headband!
During these classes, though, it was pointed out that I hyperextend my knees. No one has ever told me this, or even suggested it, and I'm 31 years old! You'd thing ONE of the many physiotherapists, massage therapists, or just doctors would have pointed this out. I've probably been doing it for my whole life! It's not like a big amount, but when I'm standing around, I do it, and end up relaxing my quads (the front of the thigh) almost entirely. My hamstrings, however, are the ones working super hard! This has a variety of effects including flattening my arches in my feet (they hurt often, it sucks), as well as changing the angle of my hips, which means a greater arch in my back. So, I've spent the whole week learning not to just lock my knees in place! It's been a bit rough, but I'm getting there.
The rest of the week consisted of going to the gym and working out enough to make me super sore (it goes Arms and Core, then Shoulders and Back, and then Leg day- chest will happen later, when I'm not afraid my pecs are going to destroy me). Every day I felt sore, and in a subtly different place. Yoga had me super sore in the back (from so many damn chaturangas!) so, thank goodness I didn't do back exercises the day after!!
I have a lot to learn about how my shoulders, arms, and back relate to each other, though. It's tough, I've not really known how to use my scapula like, ever. My back was so locked up from anxiety for so long that I couldn't move them! It's definitely a process.

On the flexibility front, though, I've been... well, doing okay! After learning that I hyperextend my knees, I've been working on keeping them slightly bent during my forward folds (very important stretch, all the time, because it helps my back, legs, and even my sides!), and I have increased flexibility there super fast! I can almost place my palms on the ground now. It feels super surreal, like I'm just suddenly able to fold in half. I would love to have that flexibility when I have my knees locked (because for some people, they like that look of hyperextended knees when doing the splits?), but it's definitely something to take slowly.
I am still working on my other things, like the splits, but sadly it's been a bit intermittent. I'm finding myself very shy at the gym, and I'm not overly fond of stretching on what I consider to be crash mats (it's weird because it's so squishy!), but I'm starting to get over it.
Also, yoga is kicking my ass in so many ways, and flexibility is one of them. I'm learning lots about what my body is capable of, given the right kind of instruction!

I have also decided to get my rear to the pole studio once a week for the free open pole time. I did this last week with a friend, and really enjoyed it! I keep sort of "forgetting" that pole is a big part of me, and I think weelll, maybe I can just forget pole and move on to weight lifting and stuff? But, no. I love it and I want to do it! Even if I'm only able to dance once a week, I'll still make the time and use it wisely! I'm going to have to do a master list of all my moves, and decide on all the things I want to work on- inverts, climbs, and gemini's included!
My hope is that my strength training can support me through being on the pole, so I can keep progressing. My home pole could possibly be used for things like invert training, and aerial stuff, but there isn't really enough space around it for spins, and it's not tall enough for climbs. Also, I don't really want to do two workouts a day!

Today, I suppose I'm just re-evaluating a lot of things that are going on in life for me. I'm happy, though!
dustbunny Paid MemberAshtanga is great but super tough so don't be hard on yourself. I've been working on the primary series for a couple years now and really love how challenging it is. 💖
Mar 8, 2017
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