100 Days of Flexibility: Day 57

Feb 27, 2017
I suppose this is also becoming a "My journey in fitness" blog, isn't it?
However, flexibility is an inherent part of fitness. I think that everyone should strive to be more flexible... including those meatheads in the gym!
One of whom I aspire to be. I recently joined a gym! It's super cheap ($20 a month for the premium membership) and I've been scouring the internets for a good workout plan. I know a lot about muscles and how the body works, and my knowledge of body weight and pole dance exercises is vast... but when you get me standing next to a barbell? Oh, I'm hopeless!
My best resource thus far, by far, has been Bodybuilding.com. Seriously, for people like me who don't believe the word "toning" should refer to anything other than colours and printers, and for people who aren't afraid of that big bad "Bulky" word, it is a vast resource of information that can be used and tailored to your needs. They have a BUNCH of workout plans, too! Unfortunately, most of them are either "Get yourself ripped in the gym like a crazy person" or "baby's first 5lb weight" and NO in between! I did find one, though, that seems well tailored to my needs, as well as very scientifically minded (it's actually called "Built by Science") which I very much appreciate.
That aside, the end of the week was pretty hard for me. My stomach has been upset for almost two months, and there are a lot of variables that could be causing it, including my birth control, and my eating habits. I'm actually officially coming off the birth control pill for now (we're going to try the Nuva ring- a friend of mine hated it, but we'll see what happens with me), and I'm watching what I eat a little more carefully. Specifically, I'm trying to cut the lettuce. 90% water, lettuce has something in that las 10% that causes my Mum a huge amount of problems, and I'm starting to think that I'm also susceptible! Unfortunate, because I actually do kinda like lettuce.
I officially could not manage two of my workouts at the end of the week- one run, and leg day. Who forgets leg day?!

ANYWAYS the flexibility! I was VERY stiff! I ran pretty good this morning, but upon trying to get my fingers to the ground, I found my hamstrings had tightened up really bad. It took a while for me to get back down! But, I did. Everything actually felt pretty stiff, and I was a little disappointed. I was super worried that I was just going to have to start all over again... but, you know what? That's how it goes sometimes, and that's okay.
Being at the gym 3 days a week, instead of trying to motivate myself to work out at home, as well as having a good training plan is hopefully going to get me stretching a little more.
I also have a double yoga class tonight- I'll be going for 8 weeks, every Monday! Perhaps I'll find my yoga bug again and do some at home.

It's been an interesting journey so far. I realize that I keep saying "I'll try to do better" nearly every week. The problem is that I forget often, and that it's not a very big priority right now. I'm so focused on my current running and lifting performance, my book, and trying to keep my mind as quiet as possible so I can get things done it sort of... gets a little drowned out.
I've been considering reconnecting with my physical day planner again, though, and maybe that will remind me! Sort of like a journal, but very geared toward getting shit done!
I also miss pole a lot, so Thursday evenings are probably going to be my pole time at the studio, and maybe I'll give myself another half an hour a day to get on my home pole, despite it's lack of space. I still love it, and it's still up, almost a monument to my dreams and aspirations with the pole.

I realize it's the end of February... but I'm already starting to get anxious that I am running out of time this year to get everything done. However, I still have time and I keep telling myself that!!
dustbunny Paid MemberKeep plugging away one step at a time. That's all any of us can really do. ☺ I tried the Nuvaring before and liked it. Hubby however did not, although i never really got a concrete why out of him...men. 😛
Mar 1, 2017
Runemist34I am somewhat sympathetic that guys may not like it, if they can detect it. However, my friend HATED it for a very good reason: It prevented her from reaching orgasm. Like, for a whole month! She tried, too, and she's pretty good at knowing her body by this point. If this is what I experience from it, I'll be putting it in the trash, too! It bothers me that this sort of research isn't included in the realm of female birth control. I mean, we should know a lot more about all of it, but if we created a male birth control that prevented a guy from reaching orgasm? It would be removed from the research table so fast!
But I have hope it will work for me!
Mar 2, 2017
Colleen Paid Member
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