100 Days of Flexibility: Day 50?!

Feb 21, 2017
Wow, how time has gone by!
Though, people say that often to indicate that it has gone by quickly- in some ways, for me, it has, and in other ways it has not. Time, for me, moves in a variable way that tends to make the year SUPER long. I still can't believe it's only February. Isn't it supposed to be the end of March by now?
Anyways, flexibility training hasn't been very straightforward! I suppose I should have expected that, eh?
I do my best to do it every time I work out, but do occasionally forget. This past week has been really good for hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors- my kind of go-to easy ones to stretch, to be honest! I'm so leggy that it's always all about the legs, haha!
I'm really pleased, though, because it appears that I am getting closer to my front splits! Middle splits are... not as good, but I still try. It's a slow process!
It's also strange. Sometimes the left side of me will be more flexible, and sometimes it's the right. Sometimes my body seems very flexible, and putting all of my fingers on the ground in forward fold is easy, and sometimes... not so much. So, that's always interesting for me to see!

Something happened for me recently, though, and it makes things a lot more difficult. I have two friends who are into fitness- one who runs, and one who does a kind of "general workout" as well as martial arts. I realized that neither of them go about this in a... healthy, playful, balanced sort of way. From the runner, these days it's all about how she's gained 5lbs (Yeah, FIVE) and how she can't afford to eat healthy like she used to. The other, the martial artist, is beginning to get even worse, starting to talk like she has an eating disorder (she didn't eat for over 7 hours one day, and decided she would have a BATH instead of food, as well as being suddenly repulsed by the sugar in her salad dressing). Neither of these people see their bodies the same as I see mine... and neither of them have the same goals I do.
See, I do want to look like a badass pole dancer, and I want to BE a badass pole dancer... but, outside of that, if I had the money, I would be joining the crossfit gym in town. I would be getting big muscles, because I think they're awesome. I would be powerlifting and seeing just how much I could get. I want huge quads, giant shoulders, and I want to take everyone to the gun show- whether they are interested or not!
I actually get angry when people talk about "Long and lean," or toning. I don't believe these things actually mean anything other than being a marketing ploy to women to make them think they need to subscribe to a stupid idealized body type that not all of us can achieve. I get upset when people talk about being "Bulky" as if it's a bad thing, or imply that being bulky means looking masculine (as if that's a bad thing, too).

So, I guess it was the realization that I'm in this journey alone right now. I can't go to the pole gym often, and I haven't really got any friends I can talk to in a healthy way. And, that sucks. I feel like I have so many hobbies that I don't really share with anyone else. It's hard to stay motivated.

But, at the same time, it's just going to push me more to learn to celebrate myself. To figure out how to track my own progress, so that I see my improvements. It will teach me to see my body for what it's for, and what it's capable of.

On a much more positive note, my awesome, sweet boyfriend let me use a little bit of our savings to sign up for a couple of yoga classes! So, on mondays, I'll be going for some Ashtanga, and then some Hatha yoga. It'll be awesome! I'm excited to expand my yoga journey, to learn so much more, and get even closer to teaching yoga!

Hopefully I'll have some pictures one of these days for progress :) haha
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