100 Days of Flexibility: Day 43

Feb 13, 2017
Holy depression, batman.
Yeah, so, as of a few days ago I felt like I hit a big, solid wall called "Depression" and then it FELL ON ME. It's hard getting out of bed, and it's hard just... doing anything. I've been having a little bit of a pity party for myself about it, but... I think I'm kind of entitled.
However, I am still trying to do things. I have a lot more willpower than that! It's just much harder to access these days. I'm still trying to eat well, I'm still trying to run, and I'm still trying to write.
My flexibility practice has been set to the wayside for so long, I didn't expect to see myself progressing... but, I did a little bit!
I stretched very intermittently last week, but I am trying to get more of a habit in. Stretching after my runs is actually super hard, because literally all I want to do is rest, shower, and stuff a bunch of food in my face! But, when I actually took the time to do it, I was practically blissful. So, I'm remembering that from now on.
Strength training, because I don't have a specific time for it to happen, is a different game. It takes more for me to remember and get into it, especially these days, so I forgot a couple times last week (or, you know, I just didn't do it). I'll be trying to get that going a little better this week.

I may not have any pictures for you... but I can say that, there's a certain point in stretching my hip flexors where they really "release" and I get like even a couple inches! I have to be really warm for that, and really focused on relaxing, but I managed it on the left and it was lovely! My hamstrings remain surprisingly close to my previous full reach, so that's cool.

I'm gonna keep trying. I might even just keep going after the 100 days is done, just so I can make up for this rocky period.
DuopolyGosh, this really resonated with me. I know how depression can sap a person of all their life-force, so I'm super proud of you being able to pull yourself out of it, even if it's just briefly. Congratulations on your progress, by the way! I hope you keep trying all the way past day 100 :)
Feb 19, 2017
Runemist34Thank you Duopoly! I've had a lot of practice and experience with depression, and often if the "problem" is taken care of that started it, I can return to normal relatively quickly. It sometimes takes a lot of willpower not to just shut right down in the middle of it, though.
I love knowing people are reading these blogs! I hope I can keep it up, too!
Feb 23, 2017
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