100 Days of Flexibility: Day 36ish??

Feb 6, 2017
Wow, how did all that time get away from me?!
Well, I'll tell you about last week: It was basically all migraine, all the time. It's a wonder that I got anything done at all! Somehow, I managed to get my training done for my upcoming 10k race, but as for flexibility training? I mean, most of my time was spent in bed.
Also, it was like the period from hell this weekend, I literally couldn't function on Saturday, so... yeah. It was a rough week!

However, I learned that about 36% of people have this sudden drop in their resolutions, which means I'm one of those. After one month, only 64% of people are still going at it! So, instead of wallowing in what's gone wrong, I'm going to tell you about what's about to go right.

As of this week I am now running at 7 minutes run, 2 minutes walk, which is a much, much easier pace than what I was doing last week (somehow). My run this morning, which was about 63 minutes long (that is, the 7/2 pace, done about 7 times), was really awesome and I felt excellent doing it. So, I feel that I no longer have to worry too much about whether my running is going to destroy me, even though I am training pretty hard and going for that 10k with some very serious effort.

Thus, I've decided I'm going to add in my strength training this week. I'll be doing it on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (the days I'm not running) and I've already got a pretty good idea of all the things I need to work on. My shoulder is doing better, I can now mostly use it at it's full extension with little pain. Strength training should help with that extra little bit I need to get it back on track.

Finally, my flexibility training obviously needs to be given a proper time and place to be done. It's hard, because I don't often want to just warm up exclusively to stretch, but I'm beginning to think that I might have to, anyways. I'll likely do a little yoga, and then move right into the flexibility. My plan is to change focus each day, so that I'm not over-training one particular area (such as my back! It hated me for a while there). That will also make my routine a little shorter, so I don't need to dedicate an hour or more to it.

Finally, I am missing my pole a whole lot! So, I may include some pole dance into my weekly routine, sometime in the future. I would really like my shoulder to be strong and figured out by then, as the last time I tried to pole (last week) it was NOT having it. I couldn't even climb, and any spins on that side were... not great. So, Pole is coming, too! Eventually.

Thanks for being patient with me for so long! I promise, we're getting back on track, and we're gonna see awesome progress!
I started pole dancing with Studio Veena since there wasn't a good studio around. Once in a while I did a private or a workshop, but most of the times it was Veena, my friend an I training together. I wouldn't have been where I am now without Studio Veena
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