100 Days of Flexibility: Day 15/16

Jan 17, 2017
Alright, third week, and I've been slacking off.
I don't mean to, mind you. It's just that I've been extremely sore, and I've discovered the absolute need for rest days, even from flexibility training! Especially for the back, because mine got really, really mad.
Unfortunately I don't have any progress pictures this week- I've had quite a few "rest days," and it then came to Sunday, my usual Progress picture day, and I had a BUNCH of running around to do... and dinner with my boyfriend, celebrating my birthday (though a little late).
I guess things have been sort of in transition lately. I beat myself up often for not writing enough (or at all sometimes), and for not being on top of other stuff. Flexibility got pushed to the wayside!
Which, frankly, is not good. If I want to see results, I gotta keep on this thing! I've even stopped stretching after my run... bad! I can feel my achilles tendon getting tighter already, haha

Anyways, I am learning, and this week, I'll be doing my best to do a nice, steady practice again, with rest days for my back and a few for my legs. I`ll have some proper pictures then, too!

(I also want to point out that, when creating a habit, week 3 is often my hardest. I`ll usually come to this week with the `WHY`and struggle to come up with a proper, lasting answer. However, if it helps, I did the same thing with running... and I`m still doing it, nearly 3 years later! I`ll get through it. This is normal)
eatvegancookies Paid Member
Wow, this is awesome! I have a stationary pole and I was feeling my way with what's out there on YouTube. Luckily I came across an SV vid, and signed up for a year of SV the next day!
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