100 Days

Dec 21, 2016
I was inspired by this new challenge that one of my favourite Youtubers is doing. John Green, one half of the Vlogbrothers (and also successful author) is trying to have a "Healthy midlife crisis," so he and his friend Chris are doing 100 days, starting January 1st, where they will do everything they can to create healthy habits!
You can see the channel here: [www.youtube.com]

It started as a suggestion from my boyfriend, one of those "Are you gonna do that?" sort of things. I just said nooo, I don't need that! I'm pretty active already, trying to eat more/better, and all that stuff already. But, I also know that I like these kinds of challenges, and I haven't done one for a bit.
So, I decided to do a Flexibility challenge, 100 days starting January 1st. I'm not calling it a "splits challenge," because I have no idea if I'll get the splits! I also have other things to work on- my shoulders are terribly inflexible, my back needs more, my hips... like basically everything. So, it's all of me. My whole body. I'm going to work on it EVERY DAY for 100 days.
I'll make regular posts here about it, complete with pictures that I can refer back to. We'll get to see how a very dedicated practice of flexibility will affect me!
Granted, I do yoga, and have done some stretching in the past, so I'm a little more flexible than I used to be...But I have lost flexibility as of late, and I really never gained what I would call "a flexibly body," because those splits are really, really far away!
Also, like, doesn't it seem sort of impossible to get your feet that far away from each other?
I guess I'll find out!

Anyways, the other thing going on is mostly stress. People saying they'll plan stuff and then failing to do it, but then also expecting us to have it figured out for them. I put off baking a bunch and now I have to scramble to catch up. I have a birthday cake to make (I'm taking some shortcuts, because damned if I want to make the whole thing from scratch right now). I STILL have to put the tree up. UGH I just feel like there's so much to do.
In reality, there isn't. I could just get it done. But, I also have some other burdens to bear right now. The loss of my ferrets still weighs on me, and this time of year is hard, because it reminds me of difficult times past (this was the time of year that I was going through my ~lengthy~ difficulties that ended my marriage, and I still have psychological marks). I'm also trying to just deal with me being me, accepting that, and moving forward. I'm still learning how to read my own reactions and keep myself safe.

BUT January is a new year, it's a new challenge, and I'll be coming at it with renewed effort! These next couple of weeks should be delightfully... well, busy, but relaxing, so that I can gather up energy.

(Also I posted this as a blog so other people don't feel obligated to do the challenge with me. It's my challenge for me... but if you want to do it, too, I would be happy to cheer you on!)
mystical Previous Paid MemberIm going to check the challenge out and see if it might be something i would do, if it is i will let you know.

Dec 22, 2016
Runemist34Technically the videos are just those two guys doing their own challenge, trying to eat healthy, and trying out various exercises and such.
For myself, though, I am already doing those things. So, I decided to adapt it to my own preference, and make it solely flexibility! Otherwise, I'll try to do EVERYTHING and just burn out, lol ;)
Dec 22, 2016
mystical Previous Paid MemberOh ok, you know what I was thinking of starting flexibility training so like you i will start January 1st and post pictures to.

Good luck to you 😄
Dec 23, 2016
SToastI'd like to get my splits (or as close to as I can) this year too. 100 day challenge sounds like a great idea. I'll be following your posts to keep myself motivated.
Dec 27, 2016
The rotator cuff stuff is exactly what my chiro told me to do: he is going to be so happy I'm looking after my shoulders and building strength safely on both sides :)
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