Life Changes

Gena Jul 10, 2016
I have not written in awhile. I honestly had not been poling much at all. I chalked it up to all sorts of things but after taking a minute I have figured out I was out of whack. I am thinking I am...more

One Month

Runemist34 Jul 10, 2016
What a difference one month can make. How much change can happen in one month. This past month, I have been the most depressed I have ever been in the last 13 years. The last time I was this bad, I...more

Day 4 beginner routine

Angela Redd Jul 5, 2016
I started with the Express warm up -10 shoulder pressed using a chair -10 triceps pushes each side -Figure 8 toe drag -Hip Circles -Hip Lift (I struggled) -Booty Wiggle (I struggled) -Reverse...more

Day 3 beginner routine

Angela Redd Jul 3, 2016
I started off by doing the basic warm up. Then I did. -10 knee tucks on each side -practiced the Cross Steps -practiced the Step Around -practiced the Extended Leg Spin. I struggled with my left...more

Day 2 beginner routine

Angela Redd Jun 28, 2016
I started off with the Express warm up I wanted to focus on the stomach a little. My back is giving me trouble from inverting so I'm going easy. -leg show for a couple minutes -15 leg hook side...more

Day 1 Beginner routine

Angela Redd Jun 27, 2016
I have done the 30 day fast start and 30 days to flexy. Now I start day 1 on my own in the beginners section. Here's what I did. -Basic warm up Focused on legs for strength. -2 sets of 12 pole...more

Day 14

VerticalVixen Jun 25, 2016
Since today is an easy day, I'm just going to practice walking in my new heels because I have a hard time performing tricks in them. I'm not sure if it's the carpet or the fact that they are new to...more

Day 13

VerticalVixen Jun 25, 2016
I apologize for blowing up the feed with my blogs. This workout is definitely helping me get stronger. I'm not only sore in my calves, but also glutes and thighs today. My upper body is fairly weaker...more

Day 12

VerticalVixen Jun 23, 2016
Sore calves! That's all I have to say about yesterday. It's been a while since I have worked those puppies out. I will complete today's lower body exercises and maybe do some pole work today as well....more

Day 11

VerticalVixen Jun 22, 2016
Today, my obliques are sore from the core exercises but I'm still feeling great! I plan on doing some stretching and working on some choreo so that they can be post worthy. Calf Raises: 2 sets of...more

Day 9 and Day 10

VerticalVixen Jun 21, 2016
I decided to combine these two since Day 9 was a light day. Day 9 I felt sore but accomplished and did some pole flow. Day 10 begins: The Switch: I was able to do these without too much trouble...more

Day 8

VerticalVixen Jun 16, 2016
I know I should be keeping better track of my progress in my blog, but I have been recording some choreo I have put together. I should be uploading that soon. For the most part the exercises are...more

A New Journey

VerticalVixen Jun 10, 2016
I have been poling for almost a year now and since I moved away from Florida, I cannot find a decent studio in my area. The one pole studio in town is not very organized and does not focus on safety....more

A New Approach

Runemist34 May 21, 2016
So I've been thinking about my lack of progress in... pretty much every avenue of my hobby list. The only one I haven't totally sucked at progressing at is running. And, I thought that warranted a...more

Weeping at the Glory of Pole Parlour Podcast!

33barbwire Paid Member May 7, 2016
I've been staring at a blank page for several minutes figuring out where I even want to start with my fangirling of Pole Parlour. So many new heroes. So many more I want to look up and research. I'm...more

Thrilled but do so with a heavy heart...

Hellcat May 5, 2016
After having been off the pole for such a long time, finally getting back into a groove was very frustrating but once I got past the 2-3 week mark of poling steadily, I found that everything started...more

Feeling great!

Runemist34 Apr 29, 2016
I was going to write this as a status, but realized it was going to be too long. So, instead, a positive and happy blog post! I am finally feeling healthy again after my 3 weeks of illness, and I'm...more

Getting started.. AGAIN!

Jazz Ontheroxx Apr 16, 2016
Hi everyone! My Name is Jazz, I'm 25 years old and live in Switzerland where I first started Polefitness about 3 years ago. As I wasn't a sporty person at all and I was having a hard time at...more

Actually scared to be back

Runemist34 Apr 8, 2016
I've cleaned up the spare room, set it all up, and organized it! Yay! I even added a few tiny things as decoration- nothing much, and I'll likely add some more later (I'm tempted to put up the pages...more

Moving Up... finally!

Runemist34 Apr 6, 2016
I'm doing much better these days... despite having had the flu for about 5 days now! It's finally getting to the point where I can stay awake for more than 5 hours, my stomach isn't constantly a...more

I actually hate titles

Runemist34 Mar 27, 2016
(For reference, the title is because I couldn't think of anything to title this blog... and I do actually hate coming up with titles) It's not been a good week for me. Building on last blog, the...more

Life gets in the way.

bformosa922163 Mar 26, 2016
The last month has been a little strange for me. It started off by me feeling too exhausted, too weak and not being able to catch a breath. I thought it was because of work. I didn't feel like...more

Life is Experimentation

Runemist34 Mar 24, 2016
Well, I'm pretty depressed these days... I think I've been mildly depressed for a while, but it's just much worse now, and I'm finally taking steps to correct the problem. There has been a lot of...more

A different kind of Anniversary

Serzi Mar 17, 2016
Today marks the one year anniversary of finally standing up for myself. I absolutely refused to work with a man who sexually harassed me just so my boss and his assistant could get drunk together for...more

Beauty of the mind

bformosa922163 Mar 11, 2016
Last week I talked about methods of meditation. This is more of an adaptation of that. Firstly, I would like to personally thank runemist for introducing me to headspace. For those that don't...more

The pole dancer vs. the pole acrobat.

LatinPoler Paid Member Mar 6, 2016
Hey ladies! Latinpoler writing. I didn’t choose my nickname randomly, I’m Latina and English is not my first language, so please pardon my writing mistakes. Anyhow, writing this is a great...more

Methods of meditation

bformosa922163 Feb 29, 2016
I'm not sure If this topic has been brought up before but I wanted to share my thoughts on it (whether or not they are of value). A while back, I never knew the benefits of meditating and I didn't...more

Diagnosis of my shoulder

Runemist34 Feb 25, 2016
I put up a couple of status updates about my shoulder, but I wanted to write a more detailed blog post about it. So, my friend is an RMT (Registered Massage Therapist), but she's only certified in...more

Return of the Foot-N@Z!'s

Serzi Feb 22, 2016
You know, one time I wrote a silly little blog on here, half-serious, w/out a single serious insult to anyone. It was entitled "Foot-Nazis". Well, I used the word "Nazi" and that was just devastating...more

'too quiet'

bformosa922163 Feb 19, 2016
So before I start babbling, I thought I'd let you know that this post has nothing to do with pole dancing and everything to do with life in general. I feel as though studio Veena is a safer...more

Working on my pole spa

Serzi Feb 17, 2016
It has taken years to get back on my feet and poling regularly since my daughter was born. For awhile, I had to disassemble a king size bed, assemble my X-Stage, dance, disassemble, and reassemble the...more

Okay, I'm calm

Runemist34 Feb 16, 2016
So, yesterday sucked. I'm sure you can tell by the blog post. However, today is much, much better. The hormones have calmed, and so I am calm again. I spent some time last night writing things down,...more

Personal Renaissance

33barbwire Paid Member Feb 16, 2016
"8. Hawkgirl and [33barbwire]: Hawkgirl is many, many things (the lady has past lives, so she can cover a lot of ground) but she can always be described as mighty. She will charge into battle without...more

PMS, chronic pain, and hate

Runemist34 Feb 16, 2016
Yeah so, not a great day today. I just wanted to update and say that my shoulder issue, which I've had for about 4 months now, has flared up again and rendered my right arm weak, though not...more

Post-Illness reflection

Runemist34 Jan 27, 2016
So, I was struck down with bronchitis for like, 10 days. It sucked a lot. I reached "maximum pathetic," as I called it, and my boyfriend did a great job taking care of me. However, it always strikes...more

Advice please

shayshay21489 Jan 18, 2016
So I have been poling off and on for quite some time now. For years I have struggled with my grip. I orginally had a 50mm chrome pole and I managed to nail tricks. But there is always intermission in...more

Faith, Pole, Front Page News, and my First Pole Comp

JoleneBell Jan 13, 2016
As many of you guys know, I'm a born again Christian. Yep, I'm a Christian and I pole dance. Somehow, this is a difficult thing for some OTHER Christians to swallow. I love pole dance. I love...more

New Year: Lessons, Goals

Runemist34 Dec 29, 2015
So, I'm stuck at home doing more-or-less nothing because I have a wicked migraine. I missed work. My boss was not nice about it. Frustrated though I am about it... it doesn't help the boredom! I am so...more

New Year

Gena Dec 28, 2015
As I sit here in Ontonagon, Michigan at our vacation home I find myself missing my pole. It is at home which is 1,000 away. So, I am sitting and catching up on all the posts here. I am also thinking...more

I Can't Get No Satisfaction....Frustrated With Slow Progress?

Veena Dec 23, 2015
Hello all! I’m not writing this to upset anyone but my hope is that it will offer insight into some of the common frustrations among pole dancers. Pole stars are wonderful, crazy tricks are fun,...more
Krissykiki Paid Member
your lessons are so wonderful! I had no idea how thorough your strengthening routine was.
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