Thank you!

Bob Zamora Apr 20, 2017
Thank you for all the great comments on my stripper heels dance! It's great being back on SV. I've been gone for a long time and it has been nice to get outside rehearsing for my dance in the upcoming...more

I Can't Get No Satisfaction....Frustrated With Slow Progress?

Veena Dec 23, 2015
Hello all! I’m not writing this to upset anyone but my hope is that it will offer insight into some of the common frustrations among pole dancers. Pole stars are wonderful, crazy tricks are fun,...more

Dear Pole Bloggers, Facebook Is Screwing You

Webmaster Apr 27, 2014
The content industry is faced with a dilemma. Facebook is reducing your organic impact, the number of people who see your posts when shared to your page or your timeline. In October of 2013 if you...more

Webmaster On The Pole

Webmaster Apr 25, 2014
I believe most of you know that I am lucky enough to be married to the most amazing, well-known pole dance instructor in the world, Veena. Despite that fact, I have kept a professional distance from...more

Finally a Break

Bob Zamora Feb 2, 2014
I'm finally past the hump. I have been dancing non-stop ever since I got home from Midwest. Work has been insane. I'm in Atlanta, Georgia at the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting. I just...more

Veena Method

Veena Jan 4, 2014
After having my youngest 5 years ago, and experiencing pole dance at my weakest, I decided it was time to change the approach towards teaching pole dance. When I started, it was common practice for...more

Just Sharing a Dance Moment

Bob Zamora Nov 11, 2013
This past weekend I danced in a studio showcase. The studio has posted the dance and I just wanted to share it. I'm just going to post the link. I have made the decision to share all my own personal...more

Weddings, Rob Zombie, cupcakes, and me as a pole dancing baker on the Food Network!!!

glitterhips Oct 21, 2013
Hi everyone! I have been absent for a while because of tons of exciting things going on, sadly pole and makeup have had to take a backseat for a little bit :( Last year I started my own cupcake...more

Sanitizing Pole Dance

Bob Zamora Oct 15, 2013
This months Pole Dancing Bloggers bloghop topic is the sanitization of pole dance.Where do I begin? The longer I dance, the deeper I get into the art of pole dancing. I'm truly a dancer. I love...more

The Android Yahoo Mail App Fail

Bob Zamora Sep 16, 2013
I guess I should have noticed it earlier. I use a Droid Smartphone and I set up my email month ago using the built in Yahoo mail app. For reasons unknown the app stopped pushing email from Studio...more

The Road to Chicago: I'm One Week Away

Bob Zamora Aug 16, 2013
The Midwest Pole Dance Competition and Convention is one week away. My last blog entry was in May. Most of the minutes that I have spent since the day I took the stage in Longmont, Colorado have...more

Checking In

Bob Zamora Aug 12, 2013
Sorry I have been really absent lately. There is just too much going on in my world right now to keep my choreography straight, let alone the stuff flying through my head.  I'm dancing in...more

How pole is helping me love myself

Invertedmonkey Jun 23, 2013
So like most other girls, I've always had an issue with the way I look and more importantly what I weigh. I've always hated seeing myself in pictures as the first thing I look at is "do I...more

Body image

SpyralBound Jun 12, 2013
I talk a good talk when it comes to body image and confidence. I know the 'right' things to say - Don't compare yourself to other women, curves are beautiful, cultural beauty standards for...more

To Become

Bob Zamora May 28, 2013
It's been awhile since I have blogged here. I didn't want to share the whiny details of what it was like to be an injured dancer. I tore some stuff up in my right forearm doing a split grip...more

Overstretching Prevention

StellarMotion May 25, 2013
I wrote this post on Facebook and was invited to share it here as well.  Thanks Veena!   There are three main types of overstretching: (1) stretching too intensely, (2) stretching...more

Pole and presence

SpyralBound May 18, 2013
Like most people, staying in the moment is a huge challenge for me in day-to-day life. I go through my motions while my mind is constantly on the past, or future, or What-If Land, anywhere but the...more

My Dad's passing....

Veena Mar 18, 2013
  My heart is heavy as I write this..... My dad unexpectedly passed away.   On Wednesday night March 13th (my moms birthday) my dad was admitted into the ER complaining of...more

10 Silly Things I've Heard From Boys About Pole Dancing

Charley Feb 21, 2013
10. Can I "observe" class? Clever.  No guy has ever tried to get in on a pole dancing class.  You are the first one to ever, I mean ever ask me that!  I had no idea men...more

An Open Letter to Pole Dancers

Charley Feb 18, 2013
Over the last year pole dancing has become a struggle for me.  Not because the moves are hard or because I can't bend my body in unfathomable ways but because of the way I often see that...more


Bob Zamora Feb 12, 2013
The Blog Hop topic for February in honor of Valentine's Day is Love. The most touching expression of love in my pole experience is looking into the crowd during a performance and seeing my wife...more

Professional Level Pole Moves

Veena Jan 27, 2013
    If you follow our discussion topics on Studioveena you may have heard me refer to certain moves as “professional” level moves or maybe I should use the term Elite level....more

3rd Place Finish (or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Dance)

pantherchild Jan 11, 2013
  Over the past weekend, I competed in the Head Over Heels Grand Finale, hosted by my beloved studio Aradia Fitness.   To qualify for the Grand Finale, you needed to...more

Food for Function! Nutrition Basics

reenie aka Mysfit Jan 9, 2013
I am going to try to answer in an article format the most commonly asked questions I come across when it comes to food and nutrition. These are simple guidelines for average people with average...more

2012.....that's life!

Veena Dec 31, 2012
A new year is just around the corner, many of us are taking time to look back on our pole move accomplishments of 2012. I was a bit surprised when I looked back at mine!  Do you know how...more

SMART! Setting Realistic Fitness/Weight Loss Goals- Time for a NEW PLAN

reenie aka Mysfit Dec 29, 2012
As so many people are approaching me with weight loss resolutions, I have written a quick blog post and I thought I would share here as well. Enjoy~~ The New Year is quickly approaching;...more


Charley Dec 24, 2012
  "Joy is not in 'things' - it is in us."   That is the message inside a Christmas card that we are giving away this year.  The cute little message...more

Holiday Makeup Ideas, Tips and Tricks - 2012

glitterhips Dec 11, 2012
Hello Veeners!!! I hope you are all well as we approach the holiday season, it seems like this year has just flown by! I want to give you all some product recommendations and ideas for holiday...more

The Year in Review 2012

Bob Zamora Dec 6, 2012
This month the Facebook pole dancing bloggers are looking back on the highlights of their year. This post won't be confined to pole dance. It is impossible for me to untangle my experiences as...more

Sugar Daddy Needed & Other X-Mas Pole Fantasies

keex Dec 4, 2012
          Dear Santa, All I want for X-Mas is a SUGAR DADDY (tall, dark & handsome). Why? So my life can revolve around my artistic pole...more

StudioVeena.Com Helping New Pole Businesses

Webmaster Nov 30, 2012
  Dear Polers,    It has been a great year here at StudioVeena.Com.  We are so thankful that as the pole community has grown we have been lucky enough to grow along...more


Bob Zamora Nov 30, 2012 I found this picture on the Bloch Dance USA's Facebook page and it just resonated inside of me....more

Shamelessly Sexy in Tulum

keex Nov 26, 2012
        Morning solitude on the beach and bikini-clad under a beaming sun; journaling, reflective thinking and good book reading, followed by huevos revueltos,...more

I Dare You To Get Personal

keex Nov 18, 2012
  “The body is your instrument in dance, but your art is outside that creature, the body.” ~Martha Graham   The difference between a dancer and an artist is that a...more


Bob Zamora Nov 12, 2012
This post is about teachers, trust and loyalty. About a month ago my regular ballet teacher had to leave town on short notice and there was a shortage of ballet teachers. My Fundamentals class...more

Class It Up!

Charley Nov 12, 2012
Today's thought...What DOES a pole dancer look like? "You don't look like a pole dancer."  You know, that's a loaded statement.  Years ago I was telling...more

My new pole wear obsession - Vertical Edge Product Review :)

glitterhips Nov 4, 2012
Hi Veeners!!! I am taking a little break from my usual makeup blogs to write about a new line of pole wear I think everyone absolutely needs to check out, Vertical Edge. What I love love love about...more

Dance Found

Bob Zamora Oct 28, 2012
When my former dance teacher and my dance partner went our separate ways last August I had a choice to make. I could move on with my art/dance or let it die. I didn't spend a lot of time...more

F**K Pole Injuries! (part 3)

keex Oct 25, 2012
        Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a big ol’ hypocrite when it comes to injury. My immediate reaction to pain is to diminish its severity and...more

F**K Pole Injuries! (part 2)

keex Oct 16, 2012
        About one year ago, I suffered a really bad injury in the Off-Broadway show I performed in for four years. For six-months I felt robbed of my artistic...more
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Veena, you've saved me money and quite a bit of agonizing of how to jump start my poling!! I've been in a pole rut for a couple years and now I'm back in the game!! I can't wait to start these! How I've missed it! Thank you SO much!
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