baaybgyrl Paid Member 15 days ago
Going to start using this again as a digital log. I really enjoyed going back and reading and seeing my old progress, as well as others on here. I haven't used this portion of Veenas site for about...more

Pole Checklist August 2017

33barbwire Previous Paid Member Aug 16, 2017
Checking off a few things from my April list. **1. Inverted crucifix 2. Elbow stands **3. Tuck inverts **4. Mobility routines *5. Flag variations! 6. Aerial body waves *7. Leg hangs *8. 30...more

Thank you!

Bob Zamora Apr 20, 2017
Thank you for all the great comments on my stripper heels dance! It's great being back on SV. I've been gone for a long time and it has been nice to get outside rehearsing for my dance in the upcoming...more

Pole Checklist April 2017

33barbwire Previous Paid Member Apr 16, 2017
Welp, I started the year dead set on getting a consistent invert, and here I define that as getting onto the pole and feeling confident enough in my grip to let go with my hands. So, I guess what I...more

100 Days of Flexibility... Let's call it done

Runemist34 Apr 12, 2017
So, I skipped last week because I was pretty down. Having a back injury, and feeling so awful about myself, I just needed a good amount of time to wallow around in my misery. But, we've kind of...more

100 Days of Flexibility: Day 85, Injury

Runemist34 Mar 26, 2017
Yeah so, progress has all been halted... because my back is no longer happy with life. It started on Monday, in which I has left shoulder issues, and quite a bit of back pain nearby the shoulder. As...more

I'm ready now

LatinPoler Previous Paid Member Mar 22, 2017
Hi ladies, If you happen to follow some of my comments or previous posts, you may remember that I consider myself a slow learner, that my interest in tricks is limited (I prefer exotic flow) and...more

100 Days of Flexibility: Day 78 or so

Runemist34 Mar 20, 2017
You ever realize your body is asking you to do MORE than what you're doing already? No? Must just be me then. This morning I discovered, quite rudely, that my left shoulder is now having the same...more

100 Days of Flexibility: Day 71ish

Runemist34 Mar 16, 2017
Yeeeahhh, so, Migraines: Literally the only thing in life that makes me say "Where did the time go?" Recently I've been having what I like to call "Cluster bomb migraines," in which I don't just have...more

100 Days of Flexibility: Day 64ish?

Runemist34 Mar 6, 2017
Hey everyone! So, it's been a very interesting week, full of soreness and interesting lessons. Starting with Monday, I had TWO yoga classes, in a row. The first was Ashtanga yoga, which appears to...more

100 Days of Flexibility: Day 57

Runemist34 Feb 27, 2017
I suppose this is also becoming a "My journey in fitness" blog, isn't it? However, flexibility is an inherent part of fitness. I think that everyone should strive to be more flexible... including...more

100 Days of Flexibility: Day 50?!

Runemist34 Feb 21, 2017
Wow, how time has gone by! Though, people say that often to indicate that it has gone by quickly- in some ways, for me, it has, and in other ways it has not. Time, for me, moves in a variable way...more

100 Days of Flexibility: Day 43

Runemist34 Feb 13, 2017
Holy depression, batman. Yeah, so, as of a few days ago I felt like I hit a big, solid wall called "Depression" and then it FELL ON ME. It's hard getting out of bed, and it's hard just... doing...more

Stalled? Or not?

LatinPoler Previous Paid Member Feb 12, 2017
Hi ladies, I’ve been mulling over this topic lately so I decided to finally vent myself here. I used to go to a great studio that was all about tricks. I could barely keep up, but many times I...more

100 Days of Flexibility: Day 36ish??

Runemist34 Feb 6, 2017
Wow, how did all that time get away from me?! Well, I'll tell you about last week: It was basically all migraine, all the time. It's a wonder that I got anything done at all! Somehow, I managed to...more

100 Days of flexibility: Day 21ish (and some other stuff!)

Runemist34 Jan 23, 2017
Right, so... this week has actually been really rough for me! Especially the weekend. I kept telling myself I'd get back on the horse, but honestly, with stress levels so high, it was kind of not on....more

100 Days of Flexibility: Day 15/16

Runemist34 Jan 17, 2017
Alright, third week, and I've been slacking off. I don't mean to, mind you. It's just that I've been extremely sore, and I've discovered the absolute need for rest days, even from flexibility...more

100 Days of Flexibility: Day 8

Runemist34 Jan 9, 2017
Yesterday was a migraine day, but I still managed to get all my flexibility done! I've quickly come to realize that I should NOT train my back flexibility every day. Some things in my back, likely...more

Some other Pole goals

Runemist34 Jan 5, 2017
Well, it's two days into being back to pole since my two week hiatus during the holidays! It's a brand new year, and I'm taking a realistic look at all my wonderful challenges, my progress, and how I...more

Day 1 of my flexibility

mystical Paid Member Jan 3, 2017
I am working on my flexibility for 100 days, i am excited to see how far i will come. I will be working on front splits and back mobility. I will post updates every 2 weeks. I will submit before...more

Day 1

Runemist34 Jan 2, 2017
Thank you for your patience in my late post! It's been a bit of a struggle getting everything set up. That being said, however, I took my "before stretching" and "after stretching" pictures on Day 1,...more

100 Days

Runemist34 Dec 21, 2016
I was inspired by this new challenge that one of my favourite Youtubers is doing. John Green, one half of the Vlogbrothers (and also successful author) is trying to have a "Healthy midlife crisis," so...more

Rough, but I keep going

Runemist34 Dec 16, 2016
It's been rough. A couple weeks ago, one of our ferrets passed away. We've had them for four years, they were both 6 years old- should have had another 2ish years to go. But, he was quite ill, we...more

Melbourne pole dancers?

Ingrid Dec 9, 2016
My job is offering me to work in Melbourne until February 2017. It would be awesome, but i would also be pretty much alone when im there. So, does anyone here live close? Mostly in thinking about...more

I'm celebrating! After three years and many rounds of revisions, my pole dancing novel is DONE!!!

AriesWolf Dec 5, 2016
I'm a serious book nerd. When I first started pole dancing, I tried to find whatever pole books were out there. I didn't have much luck. There were a few tutorial type books, and plenty of sleazy...more

My sweet baby

Darinka Nov 24, 2016
Yay, I am so excited! My baby is 6 weeks old and I just ordered Veena's lessons for another year. It feels so good to be able to start poling again. I will, however, take it very-very easy, as I...more

Ending the cycle

Runemist34 Nov 22, 2016
There have been some things happening... and some decisions made. But, they are good ones! Let me start with last week. I went to see a new psychiatrist. I had written her a 7ish page write-up about...more

Turning Pointe

AllysonKendal Nov 7, 2016
Here is an entry from my mostly inactive blog :) See it here with pictures: or just read below: It’s been about a year since I last wrote a blog entry. Man,...more

Truckin' along

Runemist34 Nov 1, 2016
Well, I've basically been just moving along, letting life take me where it will, and trying to enjoy my time. It's very strange, living without a job. You sort of feel like you have all the time in...more

Will I ever be me again?

Serzi Oct 28, 2016
This may seem a bit self-serving, or ridiculous, or possibly dramatically redundant coming from me but I am beginning to feel as though I will never dance again. I was so looking forward to using my...more

trying to keep myself motivated

mystical Paid Member Oct 6, 2016
I try to do some sort of exercise 3 times a week, the past couple weeks i haven't worked out at all, I'm usually tired most of the time cause i don't get enough sleep at night and that's why i don't...more

Let's write something positive!

Runemist34 Sep 18, 2016
I know things in my life have been a little... weird, lately. Not knowing what my future will look like is stressful, and dealing with ignorant health professionals is dumb and annoying. However,...more

The Worst Psychiatrist

Runemist34 Sep 14, 2016
Sooo, I just went to see the psychiatrist for the first time. This is not pole related, and it's mostly just me getting things out and dealing with what happened. You don't need to read it if you...more

Good for a little while

Runemist34 Sep 4, 2016
So, good news everyone! I called the people at EI for my sickness benefits (I'm not sure if non-Canadians have this- it's a thing you pay into similar to taxes and when you lose your job or can't...more

I don't know what life will be

Runemist34 Aug 29, 2016
I came to this realization this morning... that I have no idea what my life is going to look like in 3 months time. Seriously, there are many options, and some of them are a bit scary. I could be...more

Back to pole!

Runemist34 Aug 19, 2016
Weeee I'm sore and it's the second time this week! Yeah, so, I signed up for this burlesque-oriented workshop- I thought it would be a great way to get started back with dancing. It's with my...more

I'm back and also Stuff

Runemist34 Aug 10, 2016
Yes, I really am that bad with titles ;P So, I'm back from Shambhala! We had a great time exploring, listening to music, and connecting to people. I got sick while I was there (surprise, surprise)...more

The Good and the Bad

Runemist34 Jul 21, 2016
I wanted to check in, because things... are not easy right now, but I'm still kickin'. I've re-done my budget, and if I completely give up spending money for myself (which, frankly, isn't that...more

Things about Mental illness

Runemist34 Jul 19, 2016
I sort of don't have anywhere else to write this so... I'm writing it here. The dangerous thing about a mental illness, more than anything else, is that sometimes you don't know where "you" end and...more


Gena Jul 16, 2016
Let me tell you, trying to go Paleo and have some semblance of the food I used to eat has been rough. Now, I think (or thought until recently) that I am a pretty good cook. I may have to...more
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