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Aerial Silks for the pole

Recent Post By chemgoddess1 Paid Member 11 minutes ago - 4 Posts - 20 Views
Leesi from L'Ru Studios is on SV. There are 2 attachments available. The original is a neoprene like piece and there is a new one out specifically designed for X Poles that is made of metal....more

Bad side and good side frustration?

Recent Post By Tropicalpole Paid Member an hour ago - 8 Posts - 70 Views
I just had a good idea [www.studioveena.com] Veena has lots of beginner combos in her 'routines and combos' section and I am going to try and work through them all this month -on the left. Maybe...more

Anyone up for doing Veena's 30 day programme?

Recent Post By Tropicalpole Paid Member an hour ago - 55 Posts - 543 Views
Day 1 done of Take Off, abs will be slotted in later today. ...more

I see stars in iguana/pencil mount

Recent Post By LiMarie Previous Paid Member 2 hours ago - 5 Posts - 36 Views
Hmm I might be holding my breath In that one now that I think about it. It's the only invert I do that in though, odd! I'll try again with the breathing and if it doesn't help, I'm thinking I'll just...more

Veena's Abs of August!

Recent Post By Tropicalpole Paid Member 4 hours ago - 125 Posts - 3540 Views
Bumping so people doing repeat challenge starting today can find thread :)...more

Polers who Instagram...

Recent Post By Smaed1 Paid Member 4 hours ago - 148 Posts - 3633 Views
Smaed1 is my Instagram. I post a lot of random different things, not just pole stuff! :)...more

Time for change!

Recent Post By shoogstandley Paid Member 4 hours ago - 9 Posts - 264 Views
runemist34- thanks for the lovely advice! I've been thinking about doing tai chi for the last year, I think I'll give it a go, even the husband had expressed interest. Also I started yoga about a...more

Bad poling day :(

Recent Post By Allgold78 Paid Member 7 hours ago - 10 Posts - 160 Views
Thank you beautiful ladies, you're all right, I totally know it. Maybe I was tired, maybe I didn't have enough energy, maybe the pole was cold, maybe the pole was hot, maybe it was because I was at...more

You have 15 seconds to bust a move to impress a non-poler: what do you do?

Recent Post By polesilks 10 hours ago - 32 Posts - 652 Views
Hand spring always gets the OMG reaction. ...more

Where do you guys get your Pole Wear?

Recent Post By PolerinaCanada 11 hours ago - 140 Posts - 10206 Views
I love Light Activewear! [www.lightactivewear.com] so comfy and cute. Really high quality and the designers are lovely canadian polers :) ...more

Instagram Bandwagon

Recent Post By PolerinaCanada 12 hours ago - 12 Posts - 168 Views
I love instagram for pole inspiration! I just search hashtags like #poletricks #lyricalpole #polechoreo #poledancer etc. My addy is @polerina if you want some lyrical choreo inspiration or new tricks...more

PLEASE HELP!! Possible Fraud at Expo! Anyone remember the location of Phat Buddha's stand? I need to know!

Recent Post By CrazyKosters Paid Member 14 hours ago - 34 Posts - 770 Views
Thanks for the info Webby! I do have the text if that would make a difference.. They are a big company or well known i should say so hopefully everything works out. I am going to see what happens...more

Outdoor rigging for Lyra and Silks

Recent Post By cazacat Paid Member 17 hours ago - 1 Posts - 24 Views
Hey guys, I wonder if anyone could help me? I have been looking at purchasing a free standing outdoor rigging for my backyard to do my silks and Lyra on but there are so many options out there! I Was...more

Drawing pole dancers

Recent Post By PoleLeo a day ago - 12 Posts - 168 Views
Sent ya a message....I think, internet has been funky lately....more

Clothing Pole Grip - Puffy Paint?!

Recent Post By I polekat I Paid Member a day ago - 8 Posts - 165 Views
genius!! =) ...more

New Lesson: Flag Invert

Recent Post By Webmaster a day ago - 1 Posts - 477 Views
The Flag Invert takes a high level of strength. Veena breaks down this move into the set up and then the invert itself, this way any level can begin working on this move! Check it out here...more

In Need of Some Support

Recent Post By blueyedgrl Paid Member a day ago - 27 Posts - 441 Views
I wear my hair up in a messy bun with a Bolderband headband cause I sweat like a maniac. I wouldn't want to wear my hair down. I can't stand feeling my hair being all sweaty in my face. Do what makes...more

Crash Mat from Everything Pole Dancing

Recent Post By u04elw25919 a day ago - 13 Posts - 1387 Views
I know this is an old post but I have recently had similarly terrible experiences with them. I've just posted a new thread about it if anyone is interested!!...more

Everything Pole Dancing issues?

Recent Post By u04elw25919 a day ago - 1 Posts - 71 Views
OK...I ordered a crash mat back on 5th May from Everything Pole Dancing. I emailed on 20th May to ask where the mat was as, going by the website description, it should have been delivered within 10...more

Outdoor DIY Pole

Recent Post By zuzulya Paid Member 2 days ago - 24 Posts - 469 Views
Prplgrl10-I haven't done anything to the finish...it's different than the studio and definitely reacts to the temp! Certain times of the day are better than others. So far, I've had fun with it but...more
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