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Veena's lessons - is there an index??

Recent Post By Allgold78 6 minutes ago - 1 Posts - 1 Views
I've got the lessons and want to pretty much get stuck in and do them in order but every now and then I just want to go back to one specific lesson. Is there an index or contents page type thing so...more

Recording pole vids

Recent Post By Allgold78 9 minutes ago - 1 Posts - 1 Views
What do you use to record your videos with? I've used my phone but found it a real pain in the backside which is why I've only done one. Considering a webcam type thing - does anyone use anything...more

Curvy girls pole wear in the UK

Recent Post By Allgold78 24 minutes ago - 1 Posts - 1 Views
Hi guys, sorry that this immediately eliminates some people from commenting (and it's probably been asked a million times) but where in the UK do you recommend getting some nice pole gear from that...more

I made a routine...

Recent Post By Allgold78 an hour ago - 5 Posts - 79 Views
Love love love it! Looking good girl! Love the shake of the booty when you're cleaning the pole down. I need a top like that too - where did you get it? With the climb, was the pole slippy because...more


Recent Post By ANGELLA 8 hours ago - 7 Posts - 249 Views
Thank you I try and its a succes for me . Your lesson is very perfect . ...more

Twisted Grip Ayesha question

Recent Post By Mhoney 9 hours ago - 7 Posts - 113 Views
Thanks Veena. I know the twisted grip is not ideal. I'll try split grip. My pole at home is 45 but the one I take lessons on is 50 so I sometimes have issues with hand grips on the bigger pole and at...more

Recent Post By WebJunk 10 hours ago - 1 Posts - Views
Having worked in technology for twenty years where its very common, have been on both sides of No-Competes & Non-Disclosures. On the legal end (am presuming Canadian law is similar to American as here...more

Pole Expo 2014

Recent Post By SharkyHill 10 hours ago - 89 Posts - 1874 Views
Verticali, I know Somer Ahonen is going to be there again doing pole photo shoots. It looked like a lot of fun, I might do it this year! Also, I know Sam Green will be there again taking pics of many...more

Pole Expo & the Pink Pony Pole Dancing Academy

Recent Post By CrazyKosters 11 hours ago - 2 Posts - 35 Views
I'll be there! I'll look out for ya!...more

Aerial hammock

Recent Post By Lucca Valentine 11 hours ago - 1 Posts - 27 Views
I'm getting one! Thoughts? Advice? General words of wisdom? According to the internet home training is sort of advised against...but I've been so in love with my jungle gym xt that it's kinda...more

Split/bracket grip air walk tips

Recent Post By Tropicalpole 12 hours ago - 6 Posts - 109 Views
That's true: I stopped pointing and tried again but ended up doing tippy toe balls of feet which looked equally daft! When I do heels down flexed feet it's hard not to splay toes like a tree frog....more

The Art of Pole

Recent Post By MdawWat 12 hours ago - 9 Posts - 115 Views
Having seen both the DVDs and Veena's lessons, I have to say- if you really are going DVD then yes jamilla is about as comprehensive as you can get, but if you are really looking to go the extra mile...more

Where does your pole live?

Recent Post By Kalighhargraves5811 13 hours ago - 27 Posts - 453 Views
Mine lives in my basement, it is the only place mom would let me put it. The ceilings are low, but it works :)...more

New! First pole?

Recent Post By cardboardboxesoflove 15 hours ago - 4 Posts - 75 Views
Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to go with a 45mm titanium gold. Heard it's in between grip strength and average mm. I'm 5'3" so I have little hands....more

If you don't have our lessons why?

Recent Post By Webmaster 16 hours ago - 113 Posts - 1603 Views
Yes you can buy just a month....more

height adjuster for original X Pole

Recent Post By cellardoor77 16 hours ago - 1 Posts - 24 Views
So my pole has been in storage for a few years now. Tried to put it together from the YouTube instruction manual. But when it's all set up and the nut is screwed down. It feels like it's coming...more

50mm Xpole Xpert for sale in Minneapolis area! $225

Recent Post By Wiley 17 hours ago - 1 Posts - 24 Views
Hi ladies! I am selling my 50mm chrome Xpole for $225. Getting rid of it because I'm getting a 45. Pole is in great condition, though there is a small scratch along the side. I don't notice it at...more

Pole Expo!

Recent Post By Brass Ovaries 21 hours ago - 1 Posts - 19 Views
Who is going this year? What workshops are you most excited about? ...more

Kapi Huria full clothed training

Recent Post By blondebird 21 hours ago - 9 Posts - 298 Views
Yes this woman is fab!!! ...more

Montgomery County, PA

Recent Post By Alexis Corinne a day ago - 3 Posts - 39 Views
I'm not sure where that is but be my friend please!!!!...more
I tried some of the moves yesterday and helped me soooo much for my stretching! Once again, Thank you!
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