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getting back into the swing.

Recent Post By Jensha Paid Member 3 minutes ago - 7 Posts - 99 Views
I bought an x-pole expert 45mm from X-pole UK and I'm very happy with it. They delivered within the UK and then I took it on the plane as they don't deliver to my location (and shipping is generally a...more

PLEASE HELP!! Possible Fraud at Expo! Anyone remember the location of Phat Buddha's stand? I need to know!

Recent Post By CrazyKosters Paid Member 3 hours ago - 14 Posts - 285 Views
I did update the thread. Even Before that response about "This isn't the way to handle it" I just don't like people that think they know how people should handle things and do things especially when...more

asking for a friend...

Recent Post By ORGANIC ANGEL 4 hours ago - 2 Posts - 34 Views
A landlord can't control what she does. X poles are not mounted into walls and would be perfect....more

Polers who Instagram...

Recent Post By nilla Paid Member 4 hours ago - 140 Posts - 3489 Views
I'm stgpoledance on Instagram. Everything I post is pole related. I haven't made it through the whole thread yet but I'm on my way to following you all :)...more

Powder coated Xpert

Recent Post By PhnixxRed 4 hours ago - 5 Posts - 74 Views
Omg! Is this in real life?!?!?!!?? Yaaaasssssss!!!!!!!...more

Instagram Bandwagon

Recent Post By Lucca Valentine Paid Member 8 hours ago - 11 Posts - 112 Views
That I don't know much about...I mostly upload videos directly from my phone and if it doesn't fit right I just use cropvs...more

Need a pep talk for tomorrow's photo shoot

Recent Post By shiodo Paid Member 9 hours ago - 14 Posts - 109 Views
You're wonderful and don't worry everything is gonna be perfect. You just have to be yourself and enjoy the photo shoot. ...more

Outdoor DIY Pole

Recent Post By Mistressmouse 9 hours ago - 23 Posts - 402 Views
Oh wow. Answer to my prayers. No space or height for an indoor pole. Book marking for future reference. I'd LOVE that pole ❤️...more

Sweat is slippery

Recent Post By I polekat I Paid Member 9 hours ago - 10 Posts - 172 Views
ooh jenn1989 im going to try that!!! i find tite grip hit and miss, sometimes it feels like it helps other times it feels like it makes no difference at all... but never thought to try it on the pole...more

You have 15 seconds to bust a move to impress a non-poler: what do you do?

Recent Post By Phoenix Hunter Paid Member 12 hours ago - 28 Posts - 489 Views
polar girl I love that video! thanks for sharing that one!...more

Affiliate Program

Recent Post By Veena 13 hours ago - 4 Posts - 168 Views
Yep, we've had it for years! It's a great way to make a few bucks for sharing what you love. ...more

Recent Post By PolePixie40 Paid Member 15 hours ago - 3 Posts - 40 Views
Thanks Darcit! Great recommendation. I appreciate the response. I will try that. ...more

X-pole help!!

Recent Post By Taystee Paid Member a day ago - 9 Posts - 129 Views
Thanks everyone!! I scored a brand new in the box never opened X pole 45mm titanium gold for 200$ I am beyond excited to try it. Just feeling it the grip is way better & actually fits my hand!...more

Bejeweled shoes for sale

Recent Post By ORGANIC ANGEL a day ago - 1 Posts - 41 Views
Selling my 6 in bejeweled 601. The grey black slides. Size 7 but fits snug like a 6. Asking 75 plus shipping. [www.smboots.com]...more

Anyone from ontario selling platinum stages pole 45 mm SS

Recent Post By crystal29 Previous Paid Member a day ago - 1 Posts - 32 Views
Selling Platinum stages Stainless steel 45 mm for 300 dollars barely used or best offer! [shop.platinumstages.com] Message me for more info!! it was up in my apartment for a long time didn't use it...more

Strip Clubs: Why Am I Disapointed?

Recent Post By Sammi23 Paid Member a day ago - 33 Posts - 1232 Views
I guess my experience at strip clubs is limited, the one that I have been to a few times the girls there are usually doing quite a few pole tricks every time one of them dances, which kinda got me...more


Recent Post By hessbe1271 Paid Member a day ago - 5 Posts - 136 Views
I know! I'm away for the weekend, left my pole at home. Went and bought some tennis balls for hand strengthinging. This is on my mind allll the time!! So excited! ...more

Alberta Veeners here?

Recent Post By Sammi23 Paid Member a day ago - 10 Posts - 116 Views
Fellow Albertan here as well! Of course I'm closer to the Edmonton area as well, found a great community at Aradia in Stony Plain where I take lessons as well as the Veena lessons. I know what you...more

Glitter heels, issues?

Recent Post By Sammi23 Paid Member a day ago - 23 Posts - 705 Views
I guess I need to buy more pole shoes in order to have an old pair to do this with, lol! So shiny!...more

Injured people: a very good website

Recent Post By Lucca Valentine Paid Member 3 days ago - 6 Posts - 181 Views
cazzz i wish we lived near each other so we could trade! i would love to work with another poler who understands the kind of soreness and weirdness we go through! one of my massage instructors used to...more
Thank you again for another WONDERFUL, detailed lesson, Veena.
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