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Recording pole vids

Recent Post By pr1nc3ss 6 hours ago - 3 Posts - 93 Views
I use my ipad and cute cut to edit...more

I made a routine...

Recent Post By Alexis Corinne 7 hours ago - 9 Posts - 257 Views
I need to redo the booty stuff hahaha!! Thank you all so much for the kind words. Made my entire day! I'm very nervous about being sexy idk. Eeeeep! I'm blushing haha...more

Montgomery County, PA

Recent Post By Alexis Corinne 7 hours ago - 7 Posts - 119 Views
Whoops sorry for the long response been super busy! I pole at home. We don't have a car so no classes for me! I use veena only ^_^...more

Teaching Pole and ACTUALLY Making Money

Recent Post By 0LlVlA 7 hours ago - 10 Posts - 264 Views
only way to make money is rent a studio by the hour to cut on overhead thats what i do i do 6 classes a week , 8 students per class...more

Veena's Abs of August!

Recent Post By grayeyes 7 hours ago - 121 Posts - 3010 Views
I finished tonight! Yippee! Tropical, I didn't take before/after photos or I would post them too. You look great!...more

Spinning directions etc

Recent Post By Lucca Valentine 8 hours ago - 12 Posts - 199 Views
Tropicalpole that makes sense....i think...the more i think about it the less i'm sure!! so spinning towards the right if your right hand is closest to the pole (or holding it) is forward then...more


Recent Post By Shoestring girl 8 hours ago - 11 Posts - 344 Views
A Twin Cities girl here. I go to BurlesqueMN now known as ExperTease fitness :-)...more

Is there any hope for a 46 yr old newbie?

Recent Post By dlp5057 9 hours ago - 27 Posts - 555 Views
I'm 55 and been going a little over a year, usually only twice a week. Couldn't climb a pole for 3 months then. I do some things well now, like a Helicopter and Gemini, other things like a...more

Pole expo.

Recent Post By RochelRaisy 12 hours ago - 1 Posts - 26 Views
Hi veneers !! Looking forward to seeing some of u in vegas at the pole expo. So I just for off the phone with fawnia. The amazing person who put the whole pole expo together. And she is still short a...more

Help I sweat to muts.

Recent Post By chitowngal 14 hours ago - 4 Posts - 93 Views
I am super sweaty and recently found a great combo. I use Tite Grip on my hands. I still sometimes need to wipe the pole, but not nearly as much as before. When I need a little extra grip, I use...more

in so much pain

Recent Post By Veena 15 hours ago - 9 Posts - 129 Views
Have you tried using the 30 day take off program so you don't over train? That might be helpful. ...more

Pole Expo 2014

Recent Post By Verticali 19 hours ago - 90 Posts - 1944 Views
Thanks SharkyHill!...more

Where does your pole live?

Recent Post By Jenn1989 19 hours ago - 29 Posts - 539 Views
I have major space issues too, and I decided to put my pole in the kitchen. It's the biggest room in the house, so all I have to do is push the table over and I'm good to go. I got a couple thick foam...more

Aerial hammock

Recent Post By Lucca Valentine 20 hours ago - 10 Posts - 241 Views
Woohoo! Thank you!...more

Brief site issues

Recent Post By Webmaster 21 hours ago - 1 Posts - 36 Views
I wanted to let everyone know that we had some brief site issues yesterday due to a server failure. Certain things such as emails sends and video processing where not functioning properly. This was...more

Question about X-pole spin mode

Recent Post By Tropicalpole 22 hours ago - 2 Posts - 63 Views
It's usually a sign of an over tightened x pole. Try slightly loosening it so it's not braced so tight against ceiling. X joints should be equally tightened and make sure the little line and key...more

Pole Expo

Recent Post By PoleLeo a day ago - 13 Posts - 254 Views
5 more days! Going to have my eyes peeled for all you lovely Veeners! I'm the girl with dreads...and a big butt hahah. I'd love to meet all of you amazing ladies here on SV! Amber Sky and I will be...more

Hair help !

Recent Post By Veena 2 days ago - 7 Posts - 113 Views
I've done a LOT of colors! Here's what I do. My natural color is dark brown. To get my bright colors I bleach it with an drug store box of bleach, nothing fancy. Then I always choose to color my...more

Seanmichael Workshops!

Recent Post By ottersocks 2 days ago - 1 Posts - 17 Views
The first-ever US Men's National Champion, Seanmichael Rau, is now booking workshops nationwide. Please email seanmichael.pole@gmail.com if you're interested in hosting. Attached is a description of...more

Omni Gym...do u still like it?

Recent Post By Webmaster 2 days ago - 23 Posts - 684 Views
I've been told I may have pricing this week....more
Finding Veena and Webby has changed my life! THIS SITE has changed my life! You can't find this style of quality instruction anywhere else on the web. I'll always be forever grateful to have found SV!!! Xoxoxo
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