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Polers who Instagram...

Recent Post By SunflowerSutra 20 minutes ago - 156 Posts - 3895 Views
Wow, so many IGers :) I haven't been poling long but IG is such an inspiration. I'm @lewisam77...more

Alethea Austins DVDs

Recent Post By dustbunny Paid Member 29 minutes ago - 5 Posts - 34 Views
I'm doing Veena's 30 Day takeoff right now. It is helping me learn how to plan more effective daily workouts that include warming up, conditioning, pole work and stretching and that it doesn't have...more


Recent Post By tacha666 Paid Member 2 hours ago - 8 Posts - 219 Views
Never change a running system... especially not befor a competition!...more

Anyone up for doing Veena's 30 day programme?

Recent Post By LilyG3013 Paid Member 4 hours ago - 153 Posts - 2104 Views
Starting with day 1 today. October 1st. Hopefully the numbers lining up with the calendar will help....more

Group Stretching Session (Skype/Veena chat) - Europe

Recent Post By I polekat I Paid Member 5 hours ago - 25 Posts - 426 Views
great!! the more the merrier =) We are going to try use the studioveena chat because i am having trouble with skype too.. =) ...more

Shipping on the Studio Veena Pole?

Recent Post By MissJinx07 Paid Member 7 hours ago - 1 Posts - 18 Views
Hey everyone! Just ordered my pole today! Does anyone know how long it usually takes to arrive? I didn't get any shipping choices like standard, overnight, or whatever. Just wondering.. excited to get...more

PLEASE HELP!! Possible Fraud at Expo! Anyone remember the location of Phat Buddha's stand? I need to know!

Recent Post By Veena 9 hours ago - 40 Posts - 1149 Views
Thank you for the update!!...more


Recent Post By staceyfiske2247 17 hours ago - 14 Posts - 223 Views
im so happy, I found a mirror. 8FT by 4FT - £99 or a 6FT by 4FT - £64.95 I have chosen to buy the 6FT by 4FT as I am only 5FT and it's free postage :) thanks for everyone's help xxx...more

Ever have a disappointing session?

Recent Post By Mistressmouse a day ago - 7 Posts - 146 Views
Thanks for the words of wisdom. I'm gonna jump into a class tomorrow night and practice my moves (confidence building exercise really). ...more

POST PARTUM- when do you start poling after delivery.

Recent Post By Westie Paid Member a day ago - 4 Posts - 134 Views
I am only new to pole and started 12 weeks post partum. For a newbie it's great to follow Veena's 30 program to rebuild your core strength before really getting into pole work. I feel great already...more

October Challenge 2014!

Recent Post By NettieMarie Paid Member a day ago - 2 Posts - 111 Views


Recent Post By brigittec016017 Paid Member a day ago - 3 Posts - 224 Views
Yes I'm loving the new lessons too would looovvveee a titanic tutorial it's such a pretty yet difficult move that I'm dying to master!!...more

anyone dance In south carolina

Recent Post By Cuwoody Paid Member 2 days ago - 5 Posts - 143 Views
There are several studios in the Columbia area and one in Lexington as well. ...more

October Challenge?

Recent Post By Veena 2 days ago - 21 Posts - 518 Views
Here is the thread for the Challenge!!!! [www.studioveena.com]...more

Yoga Hammock help

Recent Post By Veena 2 days ago - 34 Posts - 6319 Views
I have 2 hammocks, one 8ft and one 10-13 or something like that. I didn't like the look of handles everywhere and you can do so much with just the fabric that I just bought the hammock. As mentioned I...more

50 vs 45 or 40?? which pole size is best??

Recent Post By Tigerschic041721 Paid Member 2 days ago - 18 Posts - 536 Views
In a perfect world I would want a 50 to train spin grip and practice new advanced tricks with the rest of the body to get comfortable then use the 45 for actual routines and flow....and of course have...more

Instagram Bandwagon

Recent Post By Runemist34 Paid Member 2 days ago - 20 Posts - 465 Views
So, I'm also possibly getting on this Instagram thing. I've tried not to for a while... but, well, I'm on twitter now, why not instagram too? Not sure how much I'll post or how much of it will be...more

foam roller... you my only friend!

Recent Post By Wanderluststruck Paid Member 2 days ago - 42 Posts - 923 Views
Lacross balls ...more

Selling poles

Recent Post By newschik Paid Member 3 days ago - 7 Posts - 317 Views
The value of something is determined by what someone is willing to pay. Sold it yesterday for $500 cash. :)...more

Any pole studios in rehoboth beach, Delaware

Recent Post By blueyedgrl Paid Member 3 days ago - 1 Posts - 45 Views
Anybody on here from rehoboth beach, Delaware? I'm looking for a pole studio to go to in the area but the closet one is in ocean city which is a 40 minute drive. My pole won't work in our mobile home...more
Tropicalpole Paid Member
The rotator cuff stuff is exactly what my chiro told me to do: he is going to be so happy I'm looking after my shoulders and building strength safely on both sides :)
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