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yea.... got my pole but i dont see anyone using the gloves?

Recent Post By Phoenix Hunter 3 hours ago - 5 Posts - 82 Views
none of this stuff is necessary unless you feel like you need it. I NEED IT! haha! gloves have changed my pole life. and I use dry hands under my gloves. I'm very sweaty and cant do much without them....more

Extended Butterfly

Recent Post By Phoenix Hunter 3 hours ago - 7 Posts - 63 Views
I'm working on this too. glad ya'll are discussing it. I'm taking notes.......more

no pole

Recent Post By Neasha23juicy 4 hours ago - 7 Posts - 194 Views
Thanks ladies.... ...more

which pole?

Recent Post By Phoenix Hunter 4 hours ago - 5 Posts - 71 Views
Yes, you are better off getting a used pole that is a good brand like lil mynx, platinum stages, or xpole. you just have to really make sure you are actually buying one of these pole, even second...more

Long shot? X pole for sale Charleston S.C.

Recent Post By TastyRedHead 4 hours ago - 3 Posts - 43 Views
The length fits a standard 9' ceiling plus there is an extra extender piece. I'm pretty sure it's 45mm, I'll have to measure, but I have small hands and never had any trouble climbing/gripping....more

Your videos are so many kinds of awesome

Recent Post By ferrous 4 hours ago - 4 Posts - 26 Views
And you're totally welcome. Hard work, dedication, and skill deserve praise. :-)...more

If you don't have our lessons why?

Recent Post By anngiern 4 hours ago - 48 Posts - 659 Views
I feel the price is MORE THAN reasonable for the what you are getting. I am an instructor so I use it to supplement my teaching but even if I was not this is still a steal. I would say you need to up...more

Kup My Kakes StudioVeena.Com Silly Pole Sit Photo Contest

Recent Post By Veena 4 hours ago - 5 Posts - 222 Views
There are no votes, it's a random selection 😊...more

'Length' of a freestanding stage pole

Recent Post By polesilks 6 hours ago - 4 Posts - 42 Views
Hi speak to steve at Rpole direct. They do a 2.5 freestanding buy im sure he will do a bespoke one piece. Polesilks sales team UK...more

Veena's Abs of August!

Recent Post By AllysonKendal 7 hours ago - 90 Posts - 2310 Views
I'm still hanging in there. It's getting harder... but I feel like I'm getting stronger! I also feel it in my arms after those knee tucks. At some point I should probably watch my diet so maybe at...more

How would I find someone in my city for rigging?

Recent Post By tamikat 7 hours ago - 4 Posts - 33 Views
Thanks chem! I do know the owner, ill check with her to see if she knows about the rigging for poles. They only taught silk and trapeze safety rigging in the workshop....more

50mm Like New Xpole for sale (Los Angeles/Orange)

Recent Post By Luciaiustina8528 7 hours ago - 1 Posts - 8 Views
If anyone in the LA/OC area is interested, price is negotiable! Thanks! ...more

Trapezerigging.com portable rigs, any reviews?

Recent Post By Nancy Namaste 8 hours ago - 14 Posts - 221 Views
Thank you for all the info and tips ladies :) ...more

Recent Post By chemgoddess1 8 hours ago - 2 Posts - 36 Views
I missed you!...more

Is this the strangest grip/slip hands solution yet?

Recent Post By Tropicalpole 8 hours ago - 9 Posts - 299 Views
Did it work? Imagining you spraying and rushing to the bathroom to rinse at start of class and everyone going 'wtf????' :-D...more

3 free days?

Recent Post By jellyfish2350 11 hours ago - 5 Posts - 69 Views
Oh I didn't know.. thanks Veena! :)...more

Have you ever dyed your Bad Kitty gear

Recent Post By yrngrl 13 hours ago - 4 Posts - 48 Views
Nylon takes dye easily (if you use an acid dye), but spandex is very hard to dye. I would imagine if you tried, a nylon spandex blend would dye unevenly. :(...more

Prayer thread

Recent Post By ORGANIC ANGEL 14 hours ago - 8 Posts - 242 Views
I'd like to add a guy named Ricky. He was asking for money at a traffic stop and I didn't have any. He said he applied for disability but hasn't been approved yet and to pray for him. He was a nice...more

Pole Expo 2014

Recent Post By Verticali 16 hours ago - 84 Posts - 1747 Views
So I looked at my pole expo schedule and I realized that I haven't signed up for a single POLE workshop. Everything I've signed up for is non-pole stuff :P. Thought that was funny. 15 days!!! ...more

Link to group performance at Pole for A Purpose 2014 with Cleo the Hurricane as guest performer :)

Recent Post By donnalee a day ago - 1 Posts - 25 Views
[www.youtube.com] In our group, we decided that everyone would were black....but individuals would have a pop color. My pop color was red. On the opening shot....I am the person...second to the...more
An absolute must whether your an at home poler, a studio student, instructor, and or owner!! I subscribe yearly!!!
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